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Meeting 2022

Notice of Change of Meeting Date Updated 8th January 2022

 Please be advised that the next Westwood Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 7th February 2022

 In view of the increasing threat from COVID-19 it is not clear whether the meeting will actually go ahead or whether it will be a physical meeting at the Parish Room or a virtual (e.g. Zoom) one. The legislation allowing remote Council meetings ran from 4 April 2020 to 6 May 2021 and new legislation would have to be passed to allow such remote meetings again.


Community Speed Watch Report
The last speed watch report of the year has been published on the Community webpage in the left hand column.
Meetings 2021

Meetings December 2021

The Draft minutes for December 2021 of Westwood Parish Council has been published on the Parish Council webpage.The November minutes have been approved.

The Parish of Westwood

The parish of Westwood lies at the western extremity of Wiltshire, a mile to the south-west of Bradford-on-Avon, and stretches about 2.5 km from west to east and 1.5 km from north to south. It occupies an angle formed by the northward-flowing River Frome and the westward-flowing Bristol Avon; these rivers form its southern and northern boundaries, respectively. It includes five smaller settlements, Lower Westwood near the centre, Upper Westwood and Avoncliff to the north, Lye Green to the north-east, and the hamlet of Iford (which straddles the county boundary with Somerset) to the south-west. Since the Second World War, new housing development has created a 'Middle Westwood' in the fields between Upper and Lower Westwood. On the south-west and west, the parish adjoins Somerset and Avon.

The derivation of the place name is easy to guess, reflecting the former thick cover of woodland and its position as the 'western wood' of the Saxon royal estate of Bradford. The name has changed little over the centuries; it was 'Westwuda' in A.D. 987. Avoncliff (called 'Ancliff' in earlier times), as might be expected, stands on a limestone outcrop on a steep hillside above the Avon valley. Westwood is situated on the limestone plateau, and the clay soils were used for arable cultivation until the nineteenth century, since when pastoral farming, and particularly dairying, have predominated. To continue reading visit: Wiltshire Council Community pages and select Comprehensive View.

Parish Council Meetings (and Annual Parish Meeting).

The COVID-19 Pandemic has prompted the cancellation of all previously planned Parish Council and Annual Meetings. This is regrettable but necessary. It is unlikely that regular 'traditional' Parish Council meetings will recommence until July at the earliest.

Action is being taken with a view to holding 'Virtual or Remote' Parish Council Meetings using existing technology (Zoom) to enable councillors to attend (although remotely in their own homes/place of isolation) and for such meetings to be open to the public (a necessary requirement). Recent Government legislation has promoted and permitted such meetings.

As Clerk, I am required to give councillors and the public no less than three clear days notice of Parish Council meetings and such notice will include the Agenda. This requirement remains unchanged under the new legislation. Notwithstanding this, I intend that such meetings will be advertised well before the minimum of three days. I am intending that such notice will be published on the Westwood Website with an invitation that if a member of the public wishes to 'attend' that meeting he/she contacts me via email (details will be provided) and I will provide details of how to join that virtual/remote meeting. Councillors will be contacted directly by me.

No date has yet been set for the (first) virtual/remote Parish Council meeting and the practicalities of holding such meetings is being investigated..

Roger Coleman

Clerk to Westwood Parish Council

 Westwood website:

Westwood Parish Council Meeting

A meeting of Westwood PC (a virtual/remote meeting via Zoom

technology) will take place at 7.30pm on TUESDAY 6 April 2021 using Zoom technology.
This will be a virtual/remote meeting and you are invited to participate/'attend'.

I have attached an Agenda for your information. (Parish Council webpage)

The meeting is open to the public. If you wish to view or 'attend' the
meeting and/or address the PC on any matter during the Public Participation
item - immediately prior to the formal meeting - please contact me (email: ) and I will provide
you with the Zoom 'log-in' details. Your details will only be retained by me
for the purpose of contacting you. They will not be passed to anyone else and
will be deleted once I have contacted you.

Roger Coleman, Clerk to Westwood Parish Council


New Content

Website updates

Please note that material is posted to this website within hours if not minutes of it being received

Collected Minutes Update

Westwood Parish Council Collected Minutes Update

I have added the combined minutes for 2020 to the website as a PDF file. The PDF is quite large averaging about 3Mb for each month.  The link to the downloads is on the Parish Council webpage. 
Westwood Update

Westwood Update Apr/May 2020

The news from the current version of Westwood Update No 145 has been added to the website. News items are published in the appropriate categories. Please do not overlook the links to other pages on the Community webpage in the left hand column.

 I have published the deadline dates for copy for the 2020 Westwood Updates on the Community page - in the the right hand column. There is also a copy in the Westwood Update

Geoff Edwards Editor

Owing to the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus many of the activities planned for this year will more than likely not go ahead.  Let's hope that this dreadful disease will become treatable. 

Contact local police

For all non emergency calls to the police phone 101.

The telephone company will determine where the call is being made from and direct the caller to the local police for that area. For further information visit: Police UK

This works anywhere in the UK. If you are phoning outside of Wiltshire to report to your local police call 2012 your call will be redirected by the operator to your local police.


Local travel news

The link below is to a Wiltshire Times webpage which has a map centred on Trowbridge but extends to Bath, Chippenham, Frome, Shepton Mallet and Warminster. There is a list of Latest Incidents.

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