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Notice is hereby given that the next meeting of the Westwood Parish Council will be held in the Parish Room on

6 February 2012 at 7.30pm




1.       Welcome and Introductions.

The Chairman to welcome those present.


2.       Apologies.

To receive apologies for non-attendance.


3.       Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 9 January 2012.

To agree, and sign, the minutes of the meeting as an accurate record.


4.       Adjournment.

The Meeting will adjourn for members of the public present to raise any points of interest on any matter.

The meeting will then re-convene.


5.       Westwood Road Safety.

a.       To receive a report on the progress of the ’Westwood 20 mph Speed Limit Trial’.

b.       To note and to endorse the observations made for road/pedestrian safety improvements at the recent site visit by Wiltshire Council/Cllr. Richardson.

c.       To decide if additional ‘dropped kerbs’ are required in the village.

d.       To note the recent correspondence from Wiltshire Council relating to a consultation on waiting restrictions and to decide how to respond.


6.       Neighbourhood Policing.

a.       To invite the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) to report on any matters of concern.

b.       To advise the NPT of any matter that needs to be brought to its attention.


7.       Bradford on Avon Community Area Board.

a.       To note whether the invitation to the Area Board Chairman has been accepted.

b.       To note any matters that were raised at the Area Board meeting on 11 January 2012.


8.       Sub-Committees - Sub-Committee Reports.



a.       To note the status of the following planning applications:


W/11/02028/FUL      Elms Cross/Westwood           Agricultural Building                            Permission     

W/11/02757/TCA      1 Chestnut Grove                   Fell Cypress Tree                               No TPO

W/11/02742/LBC     48 Lower Westwood                Replace Garden Room                      Pending

W/11/02923/OUT      Hudd’s Farm,             Equestrian worker’s dwelling                          Withdrawn

W/11/02924/FUL       Hudd’s Farm,             Stationing of mobile home                              Withdrawn

W/11/03304/FUL      9 Chestnut Grove                   Single Storey Extension                     Pending


b.       To agree the comments to be sent to Wiltshire Council in respect of planning applications:


W/11/03311/FUL      2 Staples Hill.                          Rear Conservatory                             NEW

W/11/03315/LBC      Well House.                             Garden Room/Alterations                   NEW

W/11/03318/CLE      Magdalen Farm.                     Cert. of Lawfulness                             NEW

W/11/03319/FUL      Magdalen Farm.                     Temp. Worker’s Dwelling                   NEW

W/12/00064/FUL      37 Lower Westwood.              Rear Extension                                   NEW



c.       To consider any planning applications received after 30 January 2012.

d.       To note the comments written and sent to all councilors by Cllr. Bishop in respect of ‘Neighbourhood Plans’ Refer also to Agenda item 11a.

e.       To note/review any other planning matters.



New Planning Applications are available for public inspection immediately prior to the Parish Council meeting.



a.       To receive a report from the Cemetery sub-Committee on current key issues.

b.       To note any correspondence in relation to the Closed Churchyard/Cemetery Grant and to agree any further action.



a.       To receive a report from the Clerk on the current financial position.

b.       To agree the tender for the grass cutting.

c.       To agree the payments to be made.


Open Spaces.

a.       To receive a report from Open Spaces sub-Committee on current key issues.

b.       To note the inspection/maintenance reports for the Play Equipment (January) and to agree any necessary action.

c.       To note the quotation from Playforce for a new pathway in the Westwood Park Play Area.



a.       To receive a report from the Environmental sub-Committee on current key issues.

b.       To receive a report from Cllr. Edwards on the visit of the Parish Steward (24 January 2012).



a.       To review the Footpath sub-Committee Rights of Way Survey results (January).

b.       To decide whether to accept the Footpath Warden’s invitation to install new gates.


9.       The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration 2012.

To receive a report from Cllr. Biles on the progress of the arrangements.


10.     Local Knowledge Local Action.

To note the event planned for Thursday 23 February from 6.30pm at St Laurence School and to agree the attendance and representations to be made.


11.     Neighbourhood Plans.

a.       To note the correspondence received from Wiltshire Council in response to the letter sent by the Parish Council and the recently published CPRE Guide ‘A Guide to Neighbourhood Planning’..


b.       To decide whether to investigate developing a Neighbourhood Plan and, if so, the means by which this is to be achieved.


12.     Valley Parishes Alliance (VPA).

To note any information from the VPA.


13.     Date of Parish Council Meeting.

To note the date of the next Parish Council Meeting:  Monday 5 March 2012 at 7.30pm.


14.     Any Other Business.

Exchange of views on matters not requiring a decision.





Roger Coleman                                                                                                                               

Clerk to Westwood Parish Council

30 January 2012.

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