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Notice is hereby given that the Ordinary Meeting of the Westwood Parish Council will be held in the Parish Room, Farleigh Lane, Westwood on Tuesday 3rd May 2022 at 8.00pm

8.00pm Public Participation. Members of the public will be given the opportunity to make any representations that they wish the Parish Council to note immediately prior to the commencement of the Parish Council meeting.


1.         Apologies

To receive and to accept apologies for non-attendance

2.         Declaration of Interests.

Councillors to declare any interests.

3.         Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Meeting held on 4th April 2022.

To agree and sign the minutes of the meeting as an accurate record.

4.         Wiltshire Council Report

To receive a report from Wiltshire Council, Cllr J Kidney

Working Group Reports and Current Issues. To receive the Working Group Reports and to address any current Issues. Agenda Items 5 -

5.         Planning

 a.  To note the status of extant planning applications:

Planning application number


Details of Application

Planning Decision


109 Upper Westwood

Installation of Solar Array and Ground Source Heat Pump

Pending at WC


120 Upper Westwood

Variation of Condition 8 and Removal of Condition 9 of 20/01308/FUL etc

Pending at WC


Elms Cross and Westwood Road

Removal of Condition 1 on W/11/02028/FUL to allow for some livestock to be housed

Pending at WC


Annexe, Longacre, Staples Hill, Freshford

Existing lawlful use as a single dwelling with associated residential curtilage

Pending at WC


42 Lower Westwood

T1-Corkscrew Willow Tree being removed due to root damage from adjacent wall

Object by PC

Pending at WC


Former Westwood mines, Lower Westwood

Change of use from mine to open storage (Class b*)

Object by PC

Pending at WC

 .  To agree the comments to be sent to Wiltshire Council in respect of any new planning applications

c.   To decide the comments to be sent to Wiltshire Council in respect of any planning applications received after 30 April 2022

d.  To note any other planning related matter and other current consultations.

6.         Finance

a.  To note the report from the Clerk on the current financial position.

b.  To agree the payments to be made

c.   Clerk to report on progress for move towards SCRIBE accounting package as resolved at April meeting

d.  To agree renewal of Parish Council Insurance Policy

 7.         Cemetery.

To receive a report on the condition of the cemetery and to note any new interments/memorials


8.         Environmental (including Biodiversity, Westwood Park and Allotments)

 To note any other concerns and to agree any necessary actions

9.         Highways (including Community Speed Watch)

To note any concerns and to agree any necessary action

10.      Westwood Park Building

a.  To receive a report on the condition of the building.

b.  To note any proposals for the future use of the building.

11.      Footpaths/Rights of Way

a. To consider reply received from WC Rights of Way concerning Footpath 25 and agree any further action

b. To note any other concerns and to agree any necessary action

12. Westwood Park Play Area and Playing Field

a. To note the progress in installing a new Play Area boundary fence and gate(s)

b. To note progress with the second phase of the Play area refurbishment

c. To note any specific concerns and to agree any necessary action

13. Communication

To receive a report regarding actions taken to improve village communication

14. Neighbourhood Plan

To receive a report on the progress of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Westwood


15. Date of Next Meeting

a. To note the date for the next meeting of the Parish Council is Monday 13th June 2022. (Change of date from 6th June)



Neil Baker

Clerk to Westwood Parish Council                                                           20 April 2022

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