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Minutes of Westwood Parish Council (PC) Meeting held in the Parish Room, Farleigh Lane on Monday 4th April 2022 at 7.30pm

Present: Cllrs J Bishop (Chair), Cllr E Triggs, Cllr G Mumford, Cllr P Waller, Cllr J Johnston, Parish Clerk R Coleman and Parish Clerk designate N Baker.

Wiltshire Cllr J Kidney attended (Part time)

 There were 4 members of the public present initially.

 The Open session commenced at 7.30pm during which a number of issues were raised and discussed:

 a.     Footpath WW025 and it’s routing which differs from original plan

b.     Planning Application PL 2022/02336 where support of the Parish Council was requested

c.     An update of Wild Flower meadow planting, some expressed disappointment in the layout and content of Westwood Update.

d.     Proposals for taking forward the issues surrounding Becky Addy Woods.

 The Chair advised that these matters were to be discussed during the Parish Council Meeting.

 Parish Council Meeting

 1.     Clerk to Westwood Parish Council

 Council approved the appointment of Mr Neil Baker as the new Clerk with effect from 4 April 2022 and a formal Contract of Employment was signed. Council expressed their appreciation for all the hard work and contributions from Mr  Roger Coleman during his tenure as Clerk during the previous 21 years.

 2. Apologies

 Accepted from Cllr A Dale, Cllr P Philips, Cllr A Pitman

 3. Declarations of Interests

Cllr Bishop declared an interest in Planning Application PL/2022/02336 which will be discussed under agenda item 7. No further declarations.

 4. Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 7 March 2022.

 These were accepted as a true record.

 5. Wiltshire Council Report

Cllr Kidney gave the following brief report:

 a.     Industrial action by Hills had ceased but there was some issues over collections which h were being resolved slowly

b.     Council Tax Refunds by Direct Debit to Bands A-D, those entitled to refunds outside of this would be written to by Wiltshire Council (WC).

c.     Parish Councils could nominate areas to be designated Wild Flower areas through the WC Website.

d.     Swimming lessons were being provided at Bradford Pool during 20-22 April.

e.     Sunday parking fees had now been introduced with receipts subsidising rural bus services

f.      Some local arrangements had been put in place for Ukrainian refugees.

g.     The PC may wish to consider Speed Indicating Devices, approximate cost £2500.

 6. To receive Working Group reports and Current Issues - Items 7 to 16

 7. Planning

 a/b To consider and agree comments to be sent to WC in respect of  new applications:


Planning Application Number


Details of Application

PC Planning Comments

WC Planning Decision


109 Upper Westwood

Installation of Solar Array and Ground Source




120 Upper Westwood

Variation of condition 8 and removal of Condition 9 of 20/01308/FUL etc.




Elms Cross and Westwood had

Removal of Condition1 on W/11/02028/FUL to allow for some livestock to be housed




6 Friary Close Westwood

Crown thinning and reduction of not more than 6 m on four lime trees etc


Split Decision


Lawful Debt

Annexe, Longacre, Staples Hill, Freshford

Existing lawful use as a single dwelling with associated residential curtilage




42 Lower Westwood

T1 - Corkscrew Willow - Tree being removed due to root damage from adjacent wall

New - Object



Former Westwood mines, Lower Westwood

Change of Use from mine to open storage (ClassB8)

New - Object


 PL/2022/02090 (Twisted Willow) The Parish Council object to the felling of this healthy ornamental willow which contributes to the visual amenity of the Lower Westwood Conservation Area. The Parish Council would support a reduction in the canopy of up to 25% to ensure the health of the tree in dry periods and protect the adjoining stone wall from potential damage.

 PL/2022/02336 (Change of use from mine to open storage) The Parish Council object to this application as it conflicts with Paragraph 146 of the NPPF. Specifically, the proposed development does not constitute one of the exceptions listed in items 146 (a) to (e) and would not preserve the openness of the Green Belt.

 c. No new applications received after 30 March 2022

d. Cllr Bishop to speak with the resident of 32 Lower Westwood regarding the boundary edge as to the ownership of the hedge.

8. Finance

a. A full statement was circulated prior to the meeting. Total Funds as at 4 April £64,608.75. Full details at Annex A

 b. Resolved to purchase a computer and associated software (Microsoft 365 and Internet security) to a value of £650

 c. Resolved to authorise payments as listed in Annex A, including an invoice of £625 for D Downes

 d. The Clerk provided a quote for an accounting software package (SCRIBE) for Council to consider and will provide examples of the reports to Councillors prior to the next meeting. Council agreed that this was the way ahead and was supported by the outgoing Clerk who added that if he were starting out again then an accounting package would be adopted and Council RESOLVED to move forward towards the purchase of a SCRIBE accounting package

 9. Cemetery

 a.     Plan to increase the size of the remembrance plot.

b.     A safety inspection is due every 5 years, currently conducted by James Long

 10. Environmental (including Biodiversity, Westwood Park and Allotments)

 a.     A meeting will take place between Mr Downes and the Biodiversity group to discuss a plan for the village mowing areas.

b.     Dew Pond - Action to agree works required and timeline (allowing for nesting season)

c.     Village Pond - Decisions will be made following the Annual Parish Meeting but need agreements from landowner (PC) to apply for grants which can be made from 29 April onwards. Safety requirements need to be known as costs need to be included in grant application.

d.     Wild Flower Humps. Commenced work on 2 April with “Meadow in my Garden” to clear agreed hump and plant wild flower seeds.

e.     Park Building Garden - Awaiting confirmation of dates from St Laurence Duke of Edinburgh bronze award. Bradford on Avon Guides also interested in this project.

f.      No Mow May - Hoping that Environment Group will propose to support this years campaign.

g.     Compost Bin creation - Need to agree design, layout etc but location as suggested is behind the garage near the Park building.

 11. Highways

 Nothing to report

 12. Westwood Park Building

 The building is in good condition but as yet no proposals for its future use.

 13. Footpaths/Rights of Way

 The Clerk to write to Rights of way Officer at Wiltshire concerning Footpath WW025, attempting to resolve the official route. Currently a diversion exists from its original route but it is suspected this has occurred over many years.

 14. Westwood Park Play Area and Playing Field

a.     No date yet for installation of new fence, this will be hastened

b.     Suggestion is that old fencing could be used in the proposed Compost Bin creation and also to repair old fencing elsewhere.

c.     A New layout of the play equipment, current and new will be worked up and then go out to tender.

 15. Communication

 a.     A new Facebook page is proposed and the Clerk to take this forward. Details of how to setup such a page will be obtained.

b.     Other media such as Westwood Waffle to be reviewed.

 16. Neighbourhood Plan

 Nothing to report

 17. Date of Next Meeting

 Annual Meeting of the Parish Council - Tuesday 3 May 2022 at 7.30pm

Full (Ordinary) Council Meeting of the Parish Council - Tuesday 3 May 2022 at 8.00pm

b. Annual Parish Meeting Wednesday 4 May 2022 with suggested Agenda items:

 i)    Chair Introduction and Annual report

ii)   Friends of Becky Addy Woods

iii)  School

iv)  Allotments

v) Biodiversity


Neil Baker

Clerk to Westwood Parish Council                                         















Annex A to Minutes of Westwood Parish Council (PC) Meeting held in the Parish Room, Farleigh Lane on Monday 4th April 2022 at 7.30p 


04 April 2022

Westwood PC

Details of the Accounts Credits and Debits




Lloyds Account 1643417 28 Feb 2022




Credits (1 March 2022 to 31 March 2022)










Clerk’s salary February


Clerk’s expenses January


Clerk’s expenses February


Clerk’s pay arrears




Crown Gas


Wiltshire Council


D Downes


Crown Gas


E-on Next


Westwood Flower Show


Acer Tree Surgeons






Balance 31 March




Credits 1 4 April 2022










Clerk’s salary March 2022








Balance 4 April




Lloyds A/C 7573321 28 Feb 2022




Bank Statement 28 Feb 2022


Interest 9 March approx.






National savings Account (Park Funds)




Balance 31 December 2021


Interest 1/1/21 31/12/21






Total Funds 4 April 2022


Payments to be authorised 4 April 2022

Clerk’s expenses March (approx.)


Acer Tree Surgeons Invoice 2203046


Wessex Water


D Downes




Crown Gas


Computer and associated software (£650 approx)









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