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  Minutes of the meeting of Westwood Parish Council held at the Parish Room, Farleigh Lane on Monday 6 December 2021 at 7.30pm.

At 7.30pm, prior to the Parish Council meeting, the Westwood Biodiversity Group gave a presentation entitled ‘A vision for Westwood’. 

 This presentation can be viewed at:


Cllr. J Bishop               Chairman

Cllr. Johnston

Cllr. G Mumford

Cllr. P Phillips

Cllr. A Pittman.

Cllr. E Triggs

Cllr. P Waller

Mr. R Coleman           Clerk

 There were thirteen members of the public present initially.

 Note. The Chairman took some of the Agenda items out of sequence but they are reported here to accord with the Agenda.

 1.         Apologies.

Apologies for non-attendance were received and accepted from Wiltshire Council Cllr. J Kidney.

The Chairman reported that Cllr. T Leeder had resigned from the Parish Council.

 The Clerk stated that owing to a family matter arising, Mr Andrew Dale was unable to attend the meeting this evening and the Clerk advised the Council that the co-option could proceed but that, if co-opted, Mr Dale would not become a parish councillor until he had signed the Declaration of Office form.

 2.         Co-option of a New Member.

a.         The Council resolved to co-opt a new member.

b.         The Council resolved to co-opt Andrew Dale - as a Westwood parish councillor.

The Clerk stated that he would contact Mr Dale over the next few days for the formalities to take place including advising him about the requirement to register interests.

 3.         Declaration of Interests.

There were no interests declared.

 4.         Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 1 November 2021.

The minutes of the meeting were agreed to be an accurate record and were signed by the Chairman.

 5.         Wiltshire Council Report.

Cllr. Kidney sent the Clerk the following written report (shown in italics) which is reproduced below and had been sent to all parish councillors prior to the meeting:


Bradford-on-Avon Town Council has launched its consultation on the town's transport issues and the future of transport and traffic in the town.

While this is looking at the situation within the town itself, residents in the villages rely on good access and passage into and through the town to access essential services. I have therefore previously stressed to colleagues in the town the importance of residents in the villages being able to have a say on emerging plans, and the Town Council's consultation provides the means to do so - both online and at public drop-in events to be held over the coming weeks.  

The consultation includes a survey seeking feedback on a range of issues, including the temporary one-way system that was implemented in response to the pandemic.

The outcomes of the Town Council's consultation will inform next steps as Wiltshire Council looks to work with the Town Council to implement a plan, if a locally-agreed way forward can be established.

More information, including an interactive map and survey questionnaire can be found on Bradford-on-Avon Town Council's website, link below.

There will also be public drop-in events held in St Margaret's Hall as follows:

Saturday 27th November: 10am 2pm

Saturday 4th December: 12pm 4pm

Thursday 6th January 2022: 4pm - 8pm 

Consultation feedback responses should be submitted by Sunday 9th January 2022.

More information and a link to the survey can be found here:

 Christmas waste and recycling collections

Waste and recycling collection dates will not change over the Christmas and New Year period, as waste collection crews will be working as normal on Bank Holidays Monday 27, Tuesday 28 December 2021, and Monday 3 January 2022.

Garden waste collections will stop for two weeks over this period. The last collections will take place on Friday 24 December and they will restart on Monday 10 January 2022.

As always, residents can check their collection days for waste, recycling and garden waste via

 Household Recycling Centre Christmas Opening

Household recycling centre (HRC) opening times and dates will change over the Christmas and New Year period and residents are advised to check online before visiting an HRC at Household recycling centres (HRCs).

 HRCs that normally open on Fridays will be open on Christmas Eve, 24 December from 10am but will close at 1pm.  All HRCs will be closed on Saturday 25, Sunday 26 December and Saturday 1 January 2022. Other than on these dates, the centres will open as normal on their specified opening days.

 Opening times can be checked at

 Becky Addy Woods

I am aware of considerable concern relating to plans by BoA Town Council to address Ash die back in Becky Addy Woods. If there are any actions arising from this evening's meeting that I can assist with, please do let me know. 

   6.         Working Group Formation.

The Council resolved to adopt the following Working Groups titles and provisional allocation of councillors:

 ·         Finance Cllrs. Bishop, Johnston, Pittman, Mumford.

·         Environmental (including Biodiversity and Allotments) Cllrs. Triggs, Pittman, Dale.

·         Neighbourhood Plan Cllrs. Triggs, Bishop, Dale.

·         Planning Cllrs. Bishop, Mumford, Dale.

·         Highways Cllrs. Mumford, Phillips.

·         Footpaths/Rights of Way Cllrs. Johnston, Mumford.

·         Westwood Park Building Cllrs. Pittman, Triggs, Waller.

·         Westwood Park Cllrs. Pittman, Triggs, Waller.

·         Westwood Park Play Area (and Playing Field) Cllrs. Bishop, Pittman, Mumford.

·         Cemetery Cllrs. Bishop, Waller.

7.         Highways and Environmental (including Biodiversity).

a.         The Clerk noted the content of the presentation ‘A Vision for Westwood’ given by the Westwood Biodiversity Group prior to the Parish Council meeting and resolved the following:

 ·         To tidy up the Park Building garden A short term project to be led by the Westwood Biodiversity Group.

·         To create a wildflower meadow in the Park on the furthest hump away from the Play Area. A project to be led by the Westwood Biodiversity Group.

·         To create a village pond / wet area Detailed proposals regarding location and design are to be agreed by the Westwood Biodiversity Group and submitted to the Parish Council for approval.

 b.         in view of the Council having received a number of written requests from parishioners requiring the Parish Council to commence action under the Small Holdings and Allotment Act 1908 and to provide allotments in Westwood the Council resolved to hold a Public Meeting - the Annual Parish Meeting on 8 March 2022 in order to judge the demand for allotments, including identifying possible sites, and to decide how to proceed.

The Chairman and councillors acknowledged the correspondence from a parishioner suggesting that the best location in the village for an allotment was the Playing Field. The Clerk added that notwithstanding any decision regarding location it would be necessary to establish whether the Playing Field, or part of it, could be used for that purpose or whether there were legal clauses in the Title Deeds preventing such a use. Cllr. Mumford commented that he would wish the Parish Council to consider how best the Playing Field could be used for the benefit of the village. The Chairman requested the newly formed Westwood Park Play Area (and Playing Field) Working Group to consider this matter.

 c.         Cllr. Phillips presented the following report on the Community Speed Watch (CSW) scheme (shown in italics) on behalf of the CSW Team Leader:

 Due to poor weather the CSW Team only managed one count over the period of 27th September - 9th October; this did register about a 2% increase in our average number of speeders in both bands (≥25 & 30+ mph).

 We are presently in the middle of our fortnights count and figures are depressing.

 Speeding remains at the high level reported in my July’21 Report.  Taking the last 2-years as an indicative comparison against this past week, our vehicle throughput is 10% down but the speeders are significantly up at 17% overall from 13.7%.  Regrettably 1-in-3 are Excessive Speeders the figure being 6.3% up from 4%.  Many villagers chat with us during our counts and all point out to us their concerns over the high level of speeding in our Village. 

 This sharp upturn in speeders is illustrated on the following graph which plots speeders over the years.  It indicates an initial (expected) downturn when we started, a subsequent flattening off (but still at too high a level) and the upturn concern.

  The CSW Headquarters have just provided us with the last 2-years historical data covering for all Teams across Wiltshire; it makes grim reading for Westwood.  Of the 93-Teams we had the 6th highest Speeder % & the 2nd worst  Excessive Speeders %.  It justifies our presence and effort to get traffic calming.  Once again I have to report that Westwood is one of the worst locations for speeding within the County.

 Councillors commented that the present reported situation is unacceptable and requested the Clerk to write to the Police and Crime Commissioner requesting support from warranted police officers to be present when a survey is taking place and to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to the worst offenders.

 Cllr. Mumford agreed to contact Wiltshire Council (Kirsty Rose) to receive an update on the proposed safety measures (especially the likely cost) and traffic calming scheme for the New Inn/Farleigh Lane area of Lower Westwood.

 d.         Cllr. Pittman stated that he, Cllr. Johnston and Nick Cranston (Acer Tree Surgeons) had surveyed the trees in Westwood Park and he explained their findings with particular reference to the location of specific trees the two maples and the Scots Pine - close to the Play Area and the opportunity to retain the maples and to move the Arctic Tower play equipment to a more appropriate position in the Play Area. He also commented on the recent action to address a fallen tree in the Park and the need to take precipitate action to avoid other nearby, associated, trees or trunks being damaged in high winds. He also advocated planting additional hedgerow to restore an existing hedge line.

 After a lengthy discussion, the Parish Council resolved to invite Acer Tree Surgeons to take action in respect of the Scots Pine and the four apple trees Items 1 to 4 inc on his quotation dated 12 November 2021. Cllr. Pittman added that a quotation was awaited for the emergency work that Acer had undertaken following the damage by Storm Arwen and for the additional precipitate work the Parish Council resolved to pay this quotation for the emergency work be paid - estimated to be around £250 - and for the additional quotation to be presented to the Council at its next meeting.

 e.         Cllr. Pittman invited the Council to agree to the planting of new trees in the southwest corner of the Playing Field to replace those felled a couple of years ago. The Council supported this proposal and requested Cllr. Pittman to obtain a quotation for suitably sized trees and the Chairman asked the Clerk to place the subject on the Agenda for the next meeting.

 f.          The Council noted the concern of the Friends of Becky Addy Wood (FOBAW) regarding the proposed felling of a large number of ash trees by Bradford on Avon Town Council (BoATC) that are claimed to be suffering from ‘ash dieback disease’ when latest opinion would suggest that such wholesale destruction is unnecessary. The Clerk was asked to write to BoATC questioning their proposed solution to the ‘ash dieback’ and to request that no felling should take place until further, authoritative advice, is obtained from acknowledged experts in the field.

 8.         Planning.

a.         The Council noted the current status of extant planning applications thus:


Planning Application No.


Details of Application

Planning Decision




109 Upper Westwood BA15 2DP

Installation of Solar Array and Ground Source Heat Pump





55 Lower Westwood

BA15 2AE

Related to approved planning application for the erection of a single story detached double garage. The garage will have a stone dwarf wall, be clad in oak and have a Roman tiled roof.





44 Lower Westwood

BA15 2AR

Demolition of existing porch and conservatory, and construction of single storey extension and entrance link to existing house




70 Elms Cross BA15 2AL

Proposed new ground floor extension, including internal and external alterations to the existing dwelling.




120 Upper Westwood

Variation of Condition 8 and Removal of Condition 9 of 20/01308/FUL etc.



20 Linden Crescent

Rear single storey extension with roof terrace, rear dormers etc. 




Land at junction of Elms Cross and Westwood Road, Westwood BA14 2AL

Removal of Condition 1 on W/11/02028/FUL to allow for some livestock to be housed in building,




54 Lower Westwood, BA15 2AE

T1 Bay Tree - Fell


 b.         The Council examined the following planning applications and resolved to send comments to Wiltshire Council as shown (in italics):




109 Upper Westwood

BA15 2DP

Extension and improvement of existing field track to run from existing gateway plus replacement, resiting and upgrading of existing field shelter.


 The Parish Council has no objection to this proposed development.



46 Lower Westwood, Westwood BA15 2AQ

Removal of old timber outbuildings and construction of new tractor shed.


 The Parish Council has no objection to this proposed development.

 c.         The following planning application was received after 30 November 2021:



Prior approval Part 3 Class Q: Agricultural buildings to dwellinghouse

Land at Westwood, Elms Cross, Near Bradford-on-Avon, Bath, BA15 2AL

Notification for Prior Approval under Class Q for the Change of Use and Conversion of an Agricultural Building into One Dwellinghouse





The Council resolved that it objected to this proposed development for the reasons stated in the previous, similar, application: 21/00460/PNCOU namely:

 It is contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Chapter 5 ‘Delivering a sufficient supply of homes’ Rural Housing Paragraph 79 which states ‘Planning policies and decisions should avoid the development of isolated homes in the countryside unless one or more of the following circumstances apply’….. None of the circumstances apply.

  • It is contrary to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Chapter 13 ‘Protecting Green Belt Land’ Para 146. The existing building is not of permanent and substantial construction for it to be reused.
  • The lack of safe highway access.

 d.         The Council noted that it had received further representations from parishioners regarding this application and it resolved to reconsider it in the light of those comments.




Land at junction of Elms Cross and Westwood Road, Westwood BA14 2AL

Removal of Condition 1 on W/11/02028/FUL to allow for some livestock to be housed in building,


 The Parish Council resolved to object to this planning application for the reasons shown below:

 Condition 1 was imposed to safeguard the amenity of neighbouring properties and if this condition were removed, the housing of livestock would seriously and significantly adversely affect the amenity of these properties some eleven residential properties lie within 400 metres of the site the nearest is only 100m away. The noise and foul odours associated with housing livestock especially pigs would significantly affect the amenity of those properties.

 9.         Finance.

a.         The Clerk reported the current financial position at 6 December 2021 was as follows:

Details of the Accounts



Credits & Debits



Lloyds A/C 1643417

Bank Statement



Credits (1 November 2021 to 30 November 2021):

Bewley (Funeral Directors)

 £                                 105.00

Dignity Funerals (Funeral Directors)

 £                                 275.00

E Snell (Funeral Directors)

 £                                 345.00

James Long (Mason)

 £                                 120.00


 £                                 845.00

Debits (1 November 2021 to 30 November 2021):

Clerk's Salary (October)

 £                                 645.66

Clerk's Expenses (Sept)

 £                                      8.45

Clerk's Salary (Net) (November)

 £                                 516.46

Clerk's Expenses (October)

 £                                    11.95


 £                                 129.20

D Downes (Sept)

 £                                 857.50


 £                                 126.60

e-on Next

 £                                    31.73

Crown Gas

 £                                    41.42


 £                              2,368.97

Balance at 30 November 2021


Credits (1 December 2021 to 6 December 2021):


 £                                          -  


 £                                          -  

Debits (1 December 2021 to 6 December 2021):

Clerk's Salary (November)

£   516.46


 £                                 129.20


 £                                 645.66

Balance at 6 December 2021


NB. HMRC VAT Refund of £3351.63 awaited and to be added to Credit Balance.

Lloyds A/C 7573321

Bank Statement

 £                              2,346.36


Credit (1 November 2021 to 6 December 2021):


 £                                      0.02


 £                                      0.02

Debits  (1 November 2021 to 6 December 2021):


 £                                          -  


 £                                          -  

Balance at 6 December 2021

 £                              2,346.38

National Savings Account (Park Fund)

Balance at 31 December 2019

 £                            17,165.79


Interest 1/1/20 to 31/12/20:

 £                                 123.59

 £                                 123.59



 £                                          -  

Balance at 6 December 2021

 £                            17,289.38

Total Funds at 6 December 2021


Payments to be authorised 6 December 2021

Clerk's Salary (December) (To Be Paid 31 December 2021)

 £                                 516.46

HMRC PAYE  Month 9 - December 2021

 £                                 129.00

Clerk's Expenses (November)

 £                                    18.00

J Bishop (Western Skip Hire) - Hedge Work

 £                                 300.00


 £                                    52.00

Plumbing 194 Ltd

 £                                    80.00

e-on Next


D Downes

 £                              1,011.08


 £                              2,106.54


 b.         The Council noted the possibility of a donation from Westwood Women’s’ Institute but there was no further information available.

c.         The Council resolved to make the payments shown under ‘Payments to be authorised’ above at Agenda item 9a including authorising payments to Aon Ltd/Crown Gas in anticipation of invoices due very soon.

 10.       Cemetery.

The Clerk reported that there had recently been two interments and an additional memorial inscription and that the appropriate fees had been paid and credited to the Council’s Bank Account.

Cllr. Johnson and the Clerk each commented on the very tidy state of the cemetery.


11.       Park Building (ex. Nursery School Building).

a.         Cllr. Johnston confirmed that her latest inspection indicated that everything was in order except for the room thermostat temperature gauge. The Clerk stated that following a request from Cllr. Johnston, he had requested Mr Adcock to investigate the matter and he has been informed by Mr Adcock that a new ‘frost thermostat needs to be hardwired to the boiler which he would fit.

 It was reported that the gate to the Park Building garden was broken. Cllr. Phillips stated that he would investigate this matter and, if possible, effect a repair.

 The Chairman reported that Little Munchins Nursery Group had written to him (and posted on social media) that whilst establishing a Nursery in the Park Building remains a possibility they are investigating other sites in the village. He added that an enquiry regarding the use of the building had been received from another interested party. The Chairman confirmed that he had contacted OFSTED regarding other Nursery Schools in the area and whether or not the existing Park Building would, under current legislation, continue to be suitable as a Nursery School. He commented that OFSTED was unable to assist with those enquiries at this stage.

Councillors commented on the thoroughness and detail of a Preliminary Business plan received from Dr Meggs for the building to be used as a Community Shed. The Council thanked Dr Meggs for this Business plan and stated that it would now be passed to the Westwood Park Building Working Group for consideration.

 12.       Footpaths.

There was nothing reported. Cllr. Waller requested a copy of the Westwood Rights of Way Map. The Clerk stated that he would request copies from Wiltshire Council.

 13.       Play Area.

Cllr. Pittman presented his proposals for the new boundary fence and gates details of which he had previously sent to all councillors. The Chairman tabled the quotations for the new fence and gates received from the two contractors  and there followed a  discussion on how best to proceed. The Parish Council resolved to accept the quotation of ££4927.85 (ex VAT) from Premier Fencing Ltd. The Clerk was requested to place the order forthwith.

 14.       Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group was requested by the Chairman to progress this project and to contact Tim Leader who had, previously, been the Parish Council and Wiltshire Council contact in order to learn of the progress made to date.

 15.       Date of Next Meetings.

a.         Councillors agreed that the next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting would be held on Tuesday 4 January 2022 at the Parish Room, Farleigh Lane commencing at 7.30pm.

b.         The Council agreed that the date of the Annual Parish Meeting will be Tuesday 8 March 2022 and that the main topics will be the future of the Park Building, Westwood Biodiversity and Westwood Allotments.

 The meeting concluded at 11.05pm


Westwood Parish Council  

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