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  Minutes of the meeting of Westwood Parish Council held at the Parish Room, Farleigh Lane on Monday 17 May 2021 at 7.30pm.


Cllr. J Bishop               Chairman

Cllr. J Johnston

Cllr. T Leeder

Cllr. G Mumford

Cllr. A Pittman

Cllr. P Phillips

Mr. R Coleman           Clerk

 Wiltshire Council Cllr. J Kidney attended the meeting (Part-time).

 There were five members of the public present.

 1.         Apologies.

There were no apologies. All councillors were present.

 2.         Declaration of Interests.

There were no interests declared.

3.         Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 6 April 2021 and Decisions taken remotely (post Lockdown).

a.         The Council resolved that the minutes of this meeting were a true and accurate record. The Chairman agreed to sign the minutes.

b.         The Council resolved to endorse the decisions taken remotely post 6 April 2021 (see details at end of these minutes)

 4.         Wiltshire Council Report.

Cllr. Kidney gave the following brief report:

  •  Cllr. Kidney confirmed that he had been re-elected as the Wiltshire Council member for Winsley and Westwood.
  • Lower Westwood road closures This is planned for 26 July to 3 September. He stated that he is attempting to persuade Wiltshire Council to undertake this work between certain hours each day in order to permit better access outside those hours for local residents.
  • Recycling Service Renewal of the subscriptions for the Green Bin collection is now due.
  • A full Wiltshire Council meeting is soon to be held in order to assign posts and responsibilities.
  • Richard Clewer is the new Leader of Wiltshire Council.
  • The next CATG Meeting is to be a ‘TEAMS’ Remote meeting on 24 May at 4pm.
  • The date for the next Area Board meeting is to be advised.

 5.         Highways and Environmental

a.         The Council noted the creation of the Westwood Biodiversity Group and in the absence of a representative from the Group who it was thought would give a short presentation during the ‘Public Participation’ discission on possible proposals to increase the biodiversity in Westwood was deferred until a subsequent meeting.

 The Council noted the request from a parishioner for part of the Playing Field to be used as Allotment Gardens. Councillors favoured retaining the Playing Field as an open space available for use by all parishioners and resolved to take no action regarding a change of use. Cllr. Mumford commented that notwithstanding that decision it was important to fully canvass the views of parishioners regarding their wishes in terms of the future of the Playing Field and other matters affecting their village, such as the Neighbourhood Plan, Traffic Calming, the (old) Nursery School building and Biodiversity. It was agreed that these subjects would be suitable for the Annual Parish Meeting/Community Meeting later in the year when the full relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions would permit unrestricted attendance by parishioners in the Parish Room.

b.         The Council resolved not to support the request for direction signs to the Tunnel of Light, commenting that the village is now awash with signs and additional ones would not be welcomed.

 c.         Cllr. Mumford stated that any response from Wiltshire Council (Highways) following the submission of the Highways Improvement Forms relating to traffic calming in Westwood and parking in Farleigh Lane would be determined at the forthcoming CATG Meeting. The Chairman requested that this is an Agenda item for the next meeting.

 d.         The Council resolved that the disposal of cut branches/arisings from work on the Playing Field boundary and elsewhere by the Handyman must be undertaken in an environmentally sensitive manner and not be burnt in situ. It was suggested that when tree works are undertaken by the Parish Council e.g. in Westwood Park the contractor could also dispose of other green waste at the same time. Cllr. Kidney stated that she would contact Wiltshire Council to establish whether there was a (bulk) green waste disposal system operated by Wiltshire Council. Meanwhile, Cllr. Bishop agreed to make enquiries of the Parish Steward.

 e.         Cllr. Johnston stated that the hedge behind the telephone box at Upper Westwood was now very overgrown and needed reducing in height. The Chairman stated that he would ask the Parish Steward to take action.

Cllr. Bishop stated that the recent correspondence received from the owner of a new property being built along RoW Path WW028 and circulated to all councillors related to matters that were not the responsibility of the Parish Council and that it would be improper for him or other councillors to make any further comments.

 Cllr. Mumford reported that Wiltshire Council was prepared to relocate the ‘school sign’ at Boswell Road to enable it to be more easily seen. He added that Wiltshire Council was prepared to install new signs at the B3109/Westwood Road crossroads to indicate Westwood School and Trowle Common but at a cost of £1000 to the Parish Council.

Cllr. Phillips stated that the Speedwatch Scheme has been temporarily halted.

 The following matters were raised and the following actions were agreed:

 Avoncliff Lane Cllr. Mumford to enquire of Wiltshire Council (Highways) whether there existed a ‘width restriction’ sign at the Upper Westwood end of this Lane that had since ‘disappeared’.

Avoncliff Lane Cllr. Bishop to request the Parish Steward to cut the verges to permit better visibility for users of that road.

Avoncliff Lane Cllr. Mumford to enquire via the CATG whether a sign could be placed to indicate the presence of houses along RoW Path WW028.

 f.          There were no specific tasks identified for the Parish Steward in addition to the above.

6.         Planning.

a.         The Council noted the current status of extant planning applications thus:


Planning Application No.


Details of Application

Planning Decision



The Yard Westwood BA15 2AL

Retrospective change of use of agricultural land to equestrian use etc.





109 Upper Westwood

(Plum Cottage)

Demolition of selected additions and replacement construction of two storey and single storey additions and selected minor works to the original cottage.




109 Upper Westwood

(Plum Cottage)

Demolition of selected additions and replacement construction of two storey and single storey additions and selected minor works to the original cottage.




129 Upper Westwood

Demolition of existing garages and removal of existing pitched roof. Construction of new outbuilding etc.





109 Upper Westwood BA15 2DP

Installation of Solar Array and Ground Source Heat Pump






109 Upper Westwood  BA15 2DP

Installation of Solar Array and Ground Source Heat Pump





Avon Villa, Avoncliff Aqueduct BA15 2HD

New canopy to seating area




55 Lower Westwood

BA15 2AE

Erection of a Detached Double Garage



Eileen Medlin

Agricultural Building, Westwood Elms Cross BA15 2AL

Notification for Prior Approval under Class Q for a Proposed Change of use of Agricultural Building to one Dwelling House (Class C3) and for Associated Building Operations.


b.         The Council examined the following planning application and resolved to send comments to Wiltshire Council as shown (in italics):



The Yard

Westwood BA15 2AL

Erection of fencing in connection with use of the site for dog day care facility.


 The Parish Council objects to this proposed development for the following reasons:

 The galvanised steel fencing proposed would constitute an isolated, inappropriate and intrusive feature in open countryside and be contrary to the Wiltshire Council Core Policy 51 (Landscape) and NPPF Paragraphs 143 and 144 (Development in the Green Belt).

  Wilts Core Policy 51 Landscape:

Development should protect, conserve and where possible enhance landscape character and must not have a harmful impact upon landscape character, while any negative impacts must be mitigated as far as possible through sensitive design and landscape measures.

 NPPF Green Belt:

143. Inappropriate development is, by definition, harmful to the Green Belt and should not be approved except in very special circumstances.

144. When considering any planning application, local planning authorities should ensure that substantial weight is given to any harm to the Green Belt. ‘Very special circumstances’ will not exist unless the potential harm to the Green Belt by reason of inappropriateness, and any other harm resulting from the proposal, is clearly outweighed by other considerations.

 c.         There were no planning applications received after 11 May 2021.

 d.         The Council noted the Tree Report from the Tree Warden in respect of the three trees in Westwood Park that, in some cases, were overhanging the boundaries of the Play Area. Councillors commented that a decision regarding the future of these trees is intricately linked to the future possible layout and increased area of the Play Area when Phase 2 of the Play Area refurbishment is implemented, and a new boundary fence is erected. It was decided to defer a decision regarding the trees for the time being.

 Cllr. Mumford commented that noting that it was intended to undertake a Westwood Park Tree Survey with a view to managing the health and variety of trees in the Park the ‘missing commemorative tree’ in Westwood Park that was reported last month will need to be replaced and that the family that planted the tree should be informed and he added that a preferred location for the ‘new’ commemorative tree from a second bereaved family might be the cemetery and not Westwood Park.

 e.         There were no other planning matters.

 7.         Finance.

a.         The Clerk reported the current financial position at 17 May as follows:

17 May 2021

Westwood PC

Details of the Accounts


Credits & Debits


Lloyds A/C 1643417

Bank Statement



Credits (1 April 2021 to 30 April 2021):

Burial Plots/Memorial (Strong)

£                                 650.00

CIL (16/12320/FUL) - Payments 5, 6

£                                 294.53

WC Parish Precept (Part)

£                            20,000.00

£                            20,944.53

Debits (1 April 2021 to 30 April 2021):

Clerk's Salary (March) - Standing Order

 £                                 573.73


 £                                 210.00

Crown Gas

 £                                    36.50

D Downes

 £                                 732.00

e-on Next (Electric)

 £                                 194.27

Zurich Insurance

 £                              1,253.00

 £                              2,999.50

Balance at 30 April 2021


Credits (1 May 2021 to 17 May):


 £                                          -  

 £                                          -  

Debits (1 May 2021 to 17 May 2021):

Clerk's Salary (April) - Standing Order

 £                                 573.73

Sovereign (Alexanders)

 £                            14,176.04

D Downes (April)

 £                                 655.00

 £                            15,404.77

Balance at 17 May 2021


Lloyds A/C 7573321

Bank Statement

 £                              2,346.22


Credit (1 April 2021 to 30 April 2021):

9/4/21 Interest

 £                                      0.02

 £                                      0.02

Debits  (1 April 2021 to 30 April 2021:


 £                                          -  

 £                                          -  

Balance at 17 May 2021

 £                              2,346.24

National Savings Account (Park Fund)

Balance at 31 December 2019

 £                            17,165.79


Interest 1/1/20 to 31/12/20:

 £                                 123.59

 £                                 123.59



 £                                          -  

Balance at 17 May 2021

 £                            17,289.38

Total Funds at 17 May 2021


Payments to be authorised 17 May 2021

Clerk's Salary (May)

 £                                 573.73

(To be paid 1 June 2021)

Clerk's Expenses (March)

 £                                    13.31

Clerk's Expenses (April)

 £                                    14.36

Crown Gas (Paid  13/4/21)

 £                                    36.50

e-on Next (Paid 14/4/21)

 £                                 194.27

D Downes (Paid 1/5/21)

 £                                 655.00

Zurich Insurance (Paid 26/4/21)

 £                              1,253.00

Sovereign (Paid 29/4/21)

 £                            14,176.04

Crown Gas (Paid 10/5/21)

 £                                    29.66

e-on Next (Paid 13/5/21)

 £                                    29.77

 £                            16,975.64

 b.         The Council resolved to make the payments shown under ‘Payments to be authorised’ above at Agenda item 7a.

 8.         Cemetery.

There was nothing reported.

 9.         Nursery School Building.

a.         Cllr. Johnston confirmed that her last visit to the property confirmed that everything was in order.

The Clerk commented that the cost of maintaining the building from September 2019 to the present date was £3124.76 and if ‘one off’ costs were ignored, such as the Asbestos Survey and Electrical Inspection, then the cost to the Parish Council over that period was £2452.76 around £125/month.

 b.         The Chairman reported that a Nursery Group had shown an interest in using the building and that they had submitted a Business Plan to support their interest. Councillors expressed their thanks for such a comprehensive Business Plan but queried the proposed car parking proposals and ‘letting’ arrangements. Cllr. Bishop stated that he would send a copy of this Business Plan to other members of the Nursery School Working Group for comment and that he would initiate a conversation with the individuals who had shown interest and produced the Business Plan.

 10.       Footpaths.

Cllr. Bishop reported that there had been an application to divert RoW Path WW025 to reflect its current location and that such an application would be received from Wiltshire Council for comment by the Parish Council in due course. Following a query from James Crawford, the Clerk was asked to inform him that this matter was currently being investigated.

 11.       Play Area.

a.         The Council noted that Sovereign had completed the installation of the new swings and safety surface and that they were now being well used. The Clerk confirmed that following discussions with councillors, he had paid the final balance but had deducted the cost of the water bowser that was not used and the two credit notes from the final balance.

 b.         Cllr. Phillips confirmed that he had inspected the Play Area and that all matters were satisfactory. Cllr. Pittman advised him that he had spotted today that a shackle on one of the swings was now missing. Cllr. Phillips stated that he would deal with the matter.

Clerk’s Note.

Cllr. Phillips has since confirmed that this defect had now been rectified.

 c.         Cllrs. Bishop and Pittman are to meet with two fence contractors later in the week in order to obtain quotations for a new Play Area boundary fence and gate(s). The meetings were planned for 10am Wednesday and 10am Friday.

 12.       Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr. Leeder stated that although he had resubmitted the draft Westwood Neighbourhood Plan to Wiltshire Council for its comments but no response had been received from Wiltshire Council. He added that Cllr. Kidney had requested a copy of the Plan which he said he would ensure that it was received by the correct Department at Wiltshire Council.

 13.       Date of Next Meeting.

Councillors agreed that the date of the next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting would be held on 5 July 2021 at the Parish Room, Farleigh Lane.

 The meeting concluded at 10.10pm


Westwood Parish Council  


(Taken from 6 April 2021)


 Aborcare/Streeter - £210.

Crown Gas - £36.50.

e-on Next (Electricity) - £194.27.

Zurich Insurance - £1253.

Sovereign (Alexanders) - £14,176.04.

D Downes (April) - £655.00.

Crown Gas - £29.66.

 Planning Application: PL/2021/04022 PC Objection.

Planning Application: PL/2021/03972 16 Chestnut Grove. No PC Objection.


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