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Minutes of the meeting of Westwood Parish Council held on Monday 5 October 2020 at 8pm.

A Virtual/Remote Zoom Meeting (as a result of COVID-19 ‘Lockdown’ restrictions).


Cllr. J Bishop               Chairman

Cllr. J Johnston          

Cllr. G Mumford

Cllr. A Pittman

Cllr. P Phillips

Mr. R Coleman           Clerk

 Wiltshire Councillor Cllr. J Kidney attended the meeting (Part-time).

 There was one member of the public present.

 Welcome and Introductions.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

 1.         Apologies.

Apologies for non-attendance were received and accepted from Cllr. T Leeder

2.         Declaration of Interests.

There were no interests declared.

 3.         Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 7 September 2020 and Decisions taken remotely (post Lockdown).

The Council resolved that the minutes of this meeting were a true and accurate record. The Chairman agreed to sign the minutes.

 4.         Wiltshire Council Report.

Cllr. Kidney gave a brief report on the following topics:

 My Wiltshire App.

This app has been refreshed by Wiltshire Council and is now more user friendly.

 Area Board Meetings.

These meetings have resumed and the availability of grants has been restored. The next Area Board meeting is to be held on 21 October.

 Wiltshire Council Public Health Team.

Health Improvement Coaches have been introduced at the Wiltshire Health Improvement Hub offering support and addressing mental and physical health issues.

 ‘Planning for the Future’ White Paper.

This paper is currently subject to a formal consultation. Cllr. Kidney stressed the need to retain the existing local protections, such as Green Belt and AONBs, and for them to be enhanced if possible.

 Wiltshire Local Plan.

This is in the early stages of being reviewed and when available it will be subject to public consultation.

 Green Homes Grant.

This scheme is now up and running with specific qualifying criteria for both homeowners and the contractors involved.

 Planning application 20/01308/FUL 120 Upper Westwood.

Cllr. Kidney explained the current position regarding the construction of this dwelling and the acrimony associated with these works. He commented on the action taken by the occupiers of neighbouring properties and his own actions in attempting to ameliorate the situation especially in relation to health and safety issues.

 5.         Highways and Environmental

a.         Cllr. Phillips stated that there was nothing to report on the Community Speed Watch scheme.

b.         Cllr. Mumford stated that he had contacted Wiltshire Council, Highways Dept. (Dave Thomas) regarding possible traffic calming measures for the Lower Westwood Road and that Mr Thomas had sent him a compendium prepared by Somerset County Council detailing possible schemes some of which may be suitable for Westwood. Councillors expressed the views that physical barriers, such as gates/’speed bumps’ would not be supported by residents and that the likely cost of such furniture would be prohibitive, based on research undertaken some time ago. The general view expressed by councillors was that the use of a Speed Indicator Device (SID) and appropriate road markings as possible speed reduction techniques should be explored. Cllr. Mumford was requested to examine these possibilities and their likely effectiveness with Wiltshire Council (Mr Thomas).

c.         Cllr. Mumford confirmed that he had attended the recent CATG meeting and that the only issue directly affecting Westwood was a request for the installation of ‘ Beware Horses’ signs at both ends of the Elms Cross road and for the cost of the signs and their installation to be shared between Bradford on Avon Town Council and Westwood Parish Council. Cllr. Mumford commented that following the clearance of overgrown vegetation, it was revealed that ‘Beware Horses’ signs already existed and that new signs were not required. He added that he would inform Wiltshire Council (Dave Thomas) and the Chair of the CATG (Sarah Gibson) accordingly.

 d.         Cllr. Phillips gave a report on the damaged state of the two benches near to the Nursery School building in Westwood Park. He commented that only one of the benches needed immediate repair, such as replacing the damaged slats, and the Council resolved that a sum not exceeding £200 be allocated for the repair of the bench the exact details of which were left to Cllr. Phillips to decide. Cllr. Phillips offered to undertake the repair and Cllrs. Mumford and Bishop offered to assist Cllr. Phillips

 e.         The Clerk asked for guidance regarding the specification of the work required to the boundary bracken/saplings and ditches at the Playing Field especially the eastern boundary - in order to ask contractors to provide quotations for undertaking the clearance of the vegetation and its disposal. Cllrs. Bishop and Pittman agreed to inspect the area and to provide the Clerk with details of the work required.

 Cllr. Phillips raised the subject of the proposed closure of the Lower Westwood Road 2/11/20 to 11/12/20 for Wales & West Utilities to undertake gas main and services replacement and the gross unsuitability of the proposed Diversion Route through Upper Westwood. He cited the difficult turn at the corner of Lyefield Lane/Upper Westwood Road and the narrowness of the Upper Westwood Road and particularly the lane close to Downside Nurseries as very challenging locations for the larger vehicles. Cllr. Mumford proposed that Cllr. Kidney be requested to lobby Wiltshire Council to select an alternative Diversion Route and one that, perhaps, excluded Westwood entirely. The Chairman and the Clerk each agreed to contact Cllr. Kidney.

 7.         Planning.

a.         The Council noted the current status of extant planning applications thus:


Ref No


Proposed Work



The Yard


Retention of Menage (20mx60m) & Retention of 2 floodlights on American barn




134 Upper Westwood

BA15 2DE

Proposed Single Storey Front Extension




Berksholme, 70 Elms Cross


Enlarge internal floor area to create two further bedrooms etc.




The Yard Westwood BA15 2AL

Retrospective change of use of agricultural land to equestrian use etc.





84 Lower Westwood BA15 2AG

Variation of Condition 02 of planning permission 20/00125/LBC. (




Well House, Upper Westwood

Replace garden shed with Robinson’s Raynham freestanding greenhouse.




Well House, Upper Westwood

Replace garden shed with Robinson’s Raynham freestanding greenhouse.




16 Boswell Road, Westwood

Single storey rear extension




123 Upper Westwood

G1 Horse Chestnuts Tree Works


 b.         The Council examined the following planning applications received and resolved to send comments to Wiltshire Council as shown in italics:




The Old Rectory

Farleigh Lane

BA15 2AF

New single storey extension to the rear of the existing 2 storey dwelling. Demolition and rebuilding of the existing single storey utility room and lean to. New rendered wall on boundary to replace existing fence.



 The Parish Council considered the report written by the Westwood Parish Tree Warden (James Crawford) dated 4 October 2020 and resolved to fully support the comments made by the Tree Warden. The Parish Council resolved to object to the proposed development and to send comments to Wiltshire Council as shown below (in italics):

The Parish Council objects to this proposed development for the following reason:

 The plans of 20/07591/FUL shows the new build groundworks coming within 4m of the nearest Lime, which is well within its Critical Root Zone (also referred to as Root Protection Zone). This zone is where the majority of the tree’s roots lay; 85% of roots of most trees will be found in the top 60cm (24 inches) of the soil. The zone is determined by using a recognized calculation of a factor of 12 times the tree diameter of 50cm; viewed from the towpath. This gives a very conservative Critical Root Zone of 6m.

 The groundworks and foundations of a new building extension are within the Critical Root Zone of the nearest Lime which will disturb and critically stress such a tree, ultimately contributing to its destruction.

This Lime tree, and others, are in the grounds of the National Trust Westwood Manor and are in a Conservation Area and this stand of mature Limes is a key and real ‘visual amenity’ with particular features of note as they merge with other mature trees within the arboreal profile . Their height, spacing and stature is key in providing and ecological highway for many species.

 c.         The Council examined the following planning application received after 29 September 2020 and resolved to send comments to Wiltshire Council as shown in italics:


Ref No


Proposed Work




11 The Laurels

BA15 2AX

Walnut (T1) Remove to ground level. Birch tree (T2) Overall canopy reduction reduce height by two metres and reshape canopy, removing around 1-metre



 The Parish Council has no objections to these proposed tree works.

 d.         The Council noted the comments from a parishioner in relation to her views regarding the comments made previously to Wiltshire Council by the Parish Council in relation to Planning application 20/05544/FUL.

 8.         Finance.

a.         The Clerk reported the current financial position at 5 October 2020 as follows:

Lloyds A/C 1643417


Bank Statement




Debits OutstandIng at 31/8/20:

Info. Comm. £40.00 (1869)

npower £101.70 (1877)

Credits Outstanding:

Acer Tree £385 (Paid in Sept.)

Credits (1 September 2020 to 30 September 2020):

Wiltshire Council Precept (Part)

 £                            16,250.00


 £                                 265.00

J Long

 £                                 110.00

Acer Tree Surgeons

 £                                 385.00

 £                            17,010.00

Debits (1 September 2020 to 30 September 2020):

Clerk's Salary (August) - Standing Order

 £                                 558.56

Clerk's Expenses (August)

 £                                    14.70

D Downes (August)

 £                                 613.50


 £                                 101.70

Information Commission

 £                                    40.00

Cemetery Fee Refund

 £                                    30.00

Crown Gas

 £                                    30.27

PKF Littlejohn

 £                                 240.00

Wessex Water

 £                                    96.61

XYZ Web Ltd

 £                                 152.16

 £                              1,877.50

Balance at 30 September 2020


Credits (1 October  2010 to 5 October 2020):

C S Bowyer

 £                                 220.00

 £                                 220.00

Debits (1 October 2020 to 5 October 2020):

Clerk's Salary (September) - Standing Order

 £                                 558.56

D Downes (September)

 £                                 700.50

 £                              1,259.06

Balance at 5 October 2020


Lloyds A/C 7573321

Bank Statement

 £                              2,346.00



10/8/2020 Interest

 £                                      0.08

10/9/2020 Interest (Approx)

 £                                      0.09

 £                                      0.17



 £                                          -  

 £                                          -  

Balance at 5 October 2020

 £                              2,346.17

National Savings Account (Park Fund)

Balance at 31 December 2018

 £                              7,037.60


Interest 1/1/19 to 31/12/19:

 £                                 128.19

Transfer from Lloyds A/C 01643417

 £                            10,000.00

 £                            10,128.19



 £                                          -  

Balance at 5 October 2020:

 £                            17,165.79

Total Funds at 5 October 2020



Payments to be authorised 5 October 2020

Clerk's Salary October)

 £                                 558.56

(To be paid 1 November 2020)

Clerk's Expenses (September)

 £                                    17.23

Crown Gas & Power

 £                                    29.30

 £                                 605.09

 b.         The Council resolved to adopt the recently agreed NALC Salary Scale 2020-21 for Clerks and Local Government Employees, applicable from 1 April 2020. The Clerk thanked the Council

c.         The Council resolved to make the payments shown under ‘Payments to be authorised’ above.

 8.         Cemetery.

The Council discussed at some length the offer made by a parishioner to provide a Memorial Bench and her request that it be located in the Cemetery. The Council resolved that it was very grateful for the offer but would refuse it on the basis that personal artefacts, other than those directly related to a grave, were inappropriate and contrary to the egalitarian nature of a cemetery. It was suggested that she may wish, instead, to arrange for a small memorial plaque to be affixed to an existing bench in the village.

 9.         Nursery School Building.

a.         Cllr. Johnston stated that she would inspect the condition of the interior of the building in the near future.

b.         The Clerk confirmed that Forrester, Sylvester and Mackett had been instructed to undertake a search of the Deeds/Tiles relating to Westwood Parks/Nursery School building to ascertain whether or not the Parish Council could dispose of it e.g. by selling it. This search was now in hand.

 10.       Footpaths.

Staples Hill (Path 20) and safety concerns In hand and awaiting a response from the Wiltshire Council Rights of Way Officer.

Cllr. Johnston reported the following two matters:

Path 8 the need for a new footpath sign on the north side of Jones Hill road clearly showing the continuing route of this footpath to avoid walkers mistakenly taking a route through a field containing horses. The Clerk was asked to contact the Footpath Warden.

Path 14 This path near Haygrove Farm Nursery was very overgrown. Cllr. Pittman stated that he would have a word with the owner of the Nursery but if unsuccessful, Cllr. Johnston commented that she and her husband would take the necessary action to clear the path.

 11.       Play Area.

a.         Cllr. Mumford stated that Sovereign had sent the Clerk samples of presentational material to be used f the Parish Council were to hold a public meeting to advertise the proposed Play Area Project. Cllr. Mumford commented that, meanwhile, the project was ‘on hold’.

b,         Cllr. Phillips stated that he had not yet received the RoSPA Annual Inspection Report for the Play Area.

 12.       Neighbourhood Plan.

In the absence of Cllr. Leeder there was no report.

 13.       Westwood Update.

There was no report given.

 14.       Date of Next Meeting.

Councillors agreed the date of the next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting (a ZOOM Meeting) thus:

  •  Ordinary Parish Council Meeting Monday 2 November 2020.
The meeting concluded at 9.55pm



Westwood Parish Council  

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