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Minutes of the meeting of Westwood Parish Council held at the Parish Room, Farleigh Lane, Westwood at 7.30pm on Monday 2 October 2017


 Cllr. J Bishop               (Chairman)

Cllr. J Johnston

Cllr. T Leeder

Cllr. G Mumford

Cllr P Phillips

Mr. R Coleman           Clerk

 Wiltshire Council, Cllr. J Kidney attended.

 PCSO Andrew MacLachlan of the Community Policing Team attended (Part-time).

 There were thirty-one members of the public present initially.

 1.         Welcome and Introductions.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.  

 2.         Apologies.

Apologies for non-attendance were received from Parish Councillors D Adcock, J Adcock and A Wheals.

 3.         Declaration of Interests.

Cllr. Mumford declared an interest in Planning application17/08216/FUL.

 4.         Minutes of Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 4 September 2017.

The Council resolved that the minutes of this meeting were a true and accurate record. The Chairman signed the minutes.

 5.         Adjournment.

The Chairman adjourned the meeting for members of the public to raise any points of interest.

 Wiltshire Council Cllr. Kidney gave a brief report on the following topics:

·         A new Waste/Recycling contact has been let which means that the Trowbridge Recycling Centre will be closed 13 26 November for changes to be effected.

·         A Wiltshire Consultation on a 10 year Waste & Recycling Policy Consultation closes 14 November.

·         The Bradford on Avon Neighbourhood Plan Referendum resulted in a ‘Turn out’ of 33% with an overwhelming 94% in support of the Plan.

·         The Mobile Library Consultation. Westwood is affected and the consultation ends on 4 November.

·         The next Area Board meeting is to be held on 22 November at St Margarets Hall and the next CATG Meeting is on 13 November at County Hall.

·         Car Parking Charges Consultation with any increase in charges to be directed towards funding Bus Services. Car Parking charges were last raised in 2011.

·         Wiltshire Council initiative ‘Clean-up Wiltshire’. Fly-tipping is to be addressed initially.

 The meeting was then reconvened.

 6.         Community Policing Team (CPT).

a.         PCSO MacLachlan had sent a written report to the Clerk prior to the meeting that the Clerk had sent to all councillors.

The Clerk read out that part of the report relating to ‘Local Crimes’ at the meeting (shown in italics):

 The month of September saw 27 crimes reported across Bradford on Avon Rural which is around 6 crimes higher than predicted for that month.  These mainly feature under the heading of Theft, which would include Burglary offences.  No one crime type though was higher than predicted to the extent that it was classed as an exception.  CPT has put a lot of work in to the targeting of our repeat offenders and suspects, and this has been complimented and pushed forward even further by the ongoing work of our Tasking Team. 

 The Clerk stated that he would request that the full report is is shown on the Westwood Parish website in future.

 b.         Councillors commented that the current Community Policing model appeared to be ineffective in providing engagement with the community and that the hitherto regular presence of a member of the Community Policing Team in the Parish or at a Parish Council meeting was now a rarity. The Clerk was asked to write to the Chief Constable, copy to the Police and Crime Commissioner, pointing out these shortcomings, the value the community places on the Community Policing Team and asking how the situation is to be remedied in the future.

 7.         Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr. Leeder explained the current position with respect to the Neighbourhood Plan. He stated that he had examined the documents and other media sent to him from the now defunct Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG) and that he had received offers of help from the previous members of the NPSG that he would be pleased to accept. He invited parish councillors to send him any comments that may have on the existing draft plan and his proposed way of re-drafting it. He re-emphasized that the conclusions of the plan must be evidence based and not simply assertions and that he was keen to identify the key issues and to achieve’ buy in’ from the Westwood community following appropriate wide consultation using a well-directed questionnaire. Cllr. Munford expressed his support for this approach and requested that as much as possible of the original draft plan be retained and that it may be helpful to constitute a new NPSG to drive the development of the plan and to assist in arriving at those conclusions. The Council supported the approach being adopted by Cllr. Leeder. Cllr. Leeder stated that he intended to have a revised draft Neighbourhood Plan available by the New Year.

 8.         Community Speed Watch (CSW)/Westwood Road Safety

There was nothing to report from the Community Speed Watch Team Leader.

Cllr. Mumford enquired whether CSW could be utilised on the Upper Westwood Road. Cllrs. Phillips and Johnston explained that this had been considered previously but the lack of traffic, the presence of parked cars resulting in a natural slowing of traffic and the inability to identify suitable positions for the CSW Team meant that it had been deemed unsuitable for a CSW area.

 9.         Working Groups Working Group Reports.


a.         There was nothing to report.


a.         The Council noted the status of extant planning applications thus.



Land at Iford Lane, Iford

New dwelling (Revised Plans)




Elms Cross Stables, Elms Cross

Variation of Conditions 2, 4, 6, 7 & 8 of 15/05497/FUL




Cross Guns Inn


Retrospective application for the refurbishment of existing garden terraces.




Fieldgate House

49 Lower Westwood

Demolition, alteration and extension to existing building




Fieldgate House

49 Lower Westwood

Demolition, alteration and extension to existing building




106a Cottles Garden, Lye Green

Detached double garage, single storey extension and internal alterations.




Magdalen Farm, Rowden Lane, BA15 2AB

Retention of temporary log cabin approved under W/11/03319/FUL as a permanent workers dwelling.





21 Bobbin Lane BA15 2DL

Single storey rear extension



 b.         The Council examined the following planning applications and resolved to send the comments to Wiltshire Council as shown (in italics):



Katie Yeoman

Hudds Farm

Westwood Road

Erection of equestrian workers dwelling



 The Council has no comment in respect of this planning application.




Weavers Mill


Modification of existing weir structure (sluice gate) & installation of a kaplan hydro-power turbine with housing structure, fish pass, fish by-wash, and an eel pass


 The Clerk confirmed that all comments sent to the Parish Council by parishioners in respect of this application had been forwarded to all councillors prior to this meeting.

 The Council supports this proposed development provided strict and enforceable measures are put in place to manage and control construction traffic using Avoncliff Hill (C6097 road) or the River Avon as delivery routes for the proposed development. The Avoncliff Hill (C6097 road) is particularly narrow and very steep in places. Disruption to the local community by construction traffic could be very significant.




Land North of 146 Upper Westwood

Provision of two self-contained camping pods with parking, change of use of land to leisure / tourism.(Resubmission of 17/02852/FUL).


 The Clerk confirmed that all comments sent to the Parish Council by parishioners in respect of this application had been forwarded to all councillors prior to this meeting.

 Cllr. Mumford withdrew from the meeting prior to any discussion relating to this planning application..

 The Council objects to this proposed development for the reasons as stated before in relation to the earlier, similar, planning application 17/02852/FUL, that is:

This proposed development and change of use are contrary to the adopted Wiltshire Core Strategy (especially Core Policies 39 and 51) and the National Planning Policy Framework (especially Section 9 Protecting Green Belt Land and Section 11 Conserving and Enhancing the Natural Environment). The proposed development site is in the West Wiltshire Green Belt, it is designated an Area of Outstanding Beauty, of High Ecological Value and is directly adjacent to the Westwood Conservation Area. These protections must be respected. The proposed development site is highly visible throughout the Limpley Stoke Valley and the proposed development would represent an alien intrusion into a hitherto rural landscape. Highway access to the proposed site is severely restricted and wholly unsuitable for such a development. This proposed development and change of use will result in a severe loss of amenity for the neighbouring residential area and an irrevocable loss of, and a severe impact to, the character and appearance of the landscape.

 The Council resolved to request Cllr. Kidney to ‘call-in’ this application if the Planning Officer was minded to approve it under delegated powers.

 Cllr. Mumford re-joined the meeting.

 c.         The following planning application was received after 25 September and the Council resolved to send comments to Wiltshire Council as shown (in italics):



Avon Villa, Avoncliff

Variation of condition 4 of planning permission 16/04359/FUL (Demolition of existing blockwork extension and erection of new timber clad extension. External alterations to the main dwelling.) to allow for alterations to the bat roost mitigation


 The Council has no comment in respect of this planning application.

 d.         There were no other matters reported.


 a.         The Clerk reported the current financial position at 2 October 2017 thus:


Lloyds A/C 1643417





Bank Statement

 £       12,007.73








Credits (1  September 2017 to 30  September 2017):

Wiltshire Council Precept (Part)



 £                     11,825.00



 £                             98.90




 £                     11,923.90





Debits (1 September 2017 to 30 September 2017):

Clerk's Salary (August) - Standing Order


 £                          479.00

Clerk's Back Pay (1/9/17 to 30/9/17)


 £                             15.65

Clerk's Expenses (Aug)


 £                               4.23

The Print Centre (090/17)


 £                             52.55



 £                             95.80

XYZ Web Ltd


 £                             62.50

D Downes



 £                          476.00

The Print Centre (122/17)


 £                             52.55

Westwood Parish Room Hire



 £                          216.00




 £                          442.20




 £                       1,896.48





Balance at 30 September 2017



 £                     22,035.15





Credits (1 October 2017 to 2 October 2017):



 £                                   -  




 £                                   -  





Debits (1 October 2017 to 2 October 2017):

Clerk's Salary (August) - Standing Order


 £                          479.00




 £                          479.00





Balance at 2 October 2017



 £                     21,556.15





Lloyds A/C 7573321

Bank Statement


 £                       2,342.47












09/08/2017 (Approx)



 £                               0.10

09/09/2017 (Approx)



 £                               0.09




 £                               0.19







 £                                   -  




 £                                   -  





Balance at 2 October 2017


 £                       2,342.66





National Savings Account (Park Fund)

Balance at 31 December 2016


 £                       6,912.63









Interest 1/1/16 to 31/12/16:


 £                             41.53












 £                                   -  





Balance at 2 October 2017:


 £                       6,954.16





Total Funds at 2 October 2017



 £                     30,852.97




Payments to be authorised 2 October 2017

Clerk's Salary (October 2017) SCP24


 £                          494.65

Clerk's Expenses (September 2017)  Approx

 £                               6.74



 £                             98.80

J Taylor - Finance Review



 £                          100.00

A Wheals (CSW)



 £                               5.27

RoSPA Safety Inspection



 £                             84.00

Grant Thornton (Audit Fee)



 £                          240.00

XYZ Web Ltd



 £                             25.00

D Downes




Avoncliff Community Group



 £                             50.00

Westwood School Radio Project (Payee - TBA)

 £                       1,000.00



 £                       2,104.46






b.         The Clerk reported that he had received the completed Annual Return for FY2016/17 from the External Auditor, Grant Thornton, confirming that all matters were satisfactory and added that there were no matters that had to be brought to the attention of the Parish Council except for two minor comments. These comments were noted by the Council. He presented the Annual Return to the Chairman and Council to confirm this fact. On behalf of the Parish Council, the Chairman and the Council thanked the Clerk for his conscientiousness.

 c.         The Council noted that the Internal Auditor had completed the Financial Governance and Accountability Review and the Clerk stated that his report has been sent to the Chairman and will be circulated to all councillors. He added that he was pleased to report that current practices were very much in accordance with Government requirements and that he would place this item on the Agenda for the next meeting.

 d.         Cllr. Johnston stated that she would contact the Trustees of the Parish Room and enquire whether they supported the introduction of internet access at the Parish Room noting that the Parish Council may be prepared to fund it. Cllr. Leeder suggested that the National Trust should also be consulted.

 e.         The Council resolved to make the payments shown under ‘Payments to be authorised’ on the Financial Statement including a payment of £14.55 to Cllr. Phillips for items bought to complete the Lyefield Lane Bench Seat repair and a payment of £740 to Mr Downes.


a.         In the absence of Cllr. J Adcock, no report was given although she had previously informed the Clerk that there were no specific items requiring attention.

 b.         Cllr. Phillips reported that the Parish Steward had cleared the roadside drains at Upper Westwood road.

 Open Spaces.

 a.         Cllr. Phillips reported the following on behalf of the Open Spaces Working Group:

 ·         The hedge bordering the car park has been cut. Clearing up will continue.

·         The street light near the Play Area is not working again

·         The Lyfield Lane seat is fully functional again. The original wooden slats (that were
removed some time ago) have been replaced with plastic ones. Being set very low,
the use of coach bolt fixings of the two back slats of the seat was not possible so
alternative fixings have been used. The base slat supports were originally unevenly
aligned - and this gives the sinuous effect to the slats.

 b.         Cllr. Phillips reported the following on behalf of the Open Spaces Working Group:

 ·         The Park and Play equipment are safe and sound.

·         A satisfactory ROSPA report has been received for the play equipment.

·         The apple crop (together with the horse chestnuts) has been high this year and has
made a mess over the south end of the main pathway. Some apples were collected
and left in the field hedge to compost down.

·         Complaints have been received from a parishioner regarding a group of boys
(unidentified but possibly from the village) using the apples as balls and hitting them
into the play area. Chewing gum been smeared on the swings and climbing frame.

·         The replacement parts for the 'Cone Climber' have arrived and should be fitted later

·         this week (weather permitting)

 c.         Cllr. Johnston reported that the meeting with The Woodland Trust had taken place and she gave a brief summary of proceedings. She reported that The Woodland Trust is pursuing its interest in acquiring Avoncliff Woods and it had been established that Avoncliff Woods was an ancient woodland dating back to the C16th.


a.         Cllr. Johnston stated that the metal barrier at the top of Path 26 had been removed but she had recovered it and with her husband’s assistance had replaced it to its original position. She commented that a new ‘No Cycling’ sign is required to deter cyclists from using this path.

 b.         There was nothing significant to report.

 10.       Bradford on Avon Area Board/Community Area Transport Group.

Councillors noted the dates of the next Area Board and CATG meetings See Agenda item 5.

 11.       Mobile Library Consultation.

The Council noted this consultation and the proposal that the Mobile Library would cease stopping at Westwood Post Office. The Council noted how little used the service was and that there were other ways of obtaining library books on hire and resolved that it had no comments to send to Wiltshire Council.

 12.       Dates of Meetings.

Councillors noted the dates of the next Parish Council Meetings:

 ·         6 November 2017, 4 December 2017 and 8 January 2018 - Ordinary PC Meetings.

 13.       Any Other Business.

Exchange of views on matters not requiring a decision:

 Clerk Cotwolds Conservation Board literature (Passed to Cllr. Johnston).

 The meeting concluded at 1005hrs.


Chairman                                                                                                        6 November 2017

Westwood Parish Council

ACTION LIST Meeting 2 October 2017


Action 1 (2/10/17)      Clerk.

To make payments.

 Action 2 (2/10/17)      Clerk.

To send comments to WC Planning applications and ‘Call-in’ request.

 Action 3 (2/10/17)      Cllr. J Adcock.

To write to Chief Constable Community Policing.

 Action 4 (2/10/17)      Cllr. Johnston.

To contact Parish Room Trustees Provision of Internet access.

Action 7 (2/10/17)      All Cllrs.

To examine Neighbourhood Plan document and send comments to Cllr. Leeder.

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