Chairman Mr J Bishop



Mr J Bishop

  11 Hebden Road, Westwood BA15 2BX

Vice- Chairman.

Mrs J  Johnston

62, The Pastures, Westwood BA15 2BH


Mrs J Adcock

5, Orchard Close. Westwood. BA15 2AP

(Tel:01225 862568)

(Environment            Highways & Streetscene FocalPoint, Finance).

Mr D Adcock

(Cemetery, Projects)


5, Orchard Close. Westwood. BA15 2AP

(Tel:01225 862568)

Mr J M Bishop                       (Cemetery, Finance, Planning,Neighbourhood Plan)


11, Hebden Road, Westwood,  BA15 2BX

(Tel: 01225 868271)


Mrs J  Johnston

(Footpaths, Finance, Planning)


62, The Pastures, Westwood BA15 2BH

(Tel: 01225 864559)


Mr T Leeder                          

(Neighbourhood Plan)



Mr P Phillips                        

(Open Spaces, Environment)


Broadview, 130A Upper Westwood, Westwood

Dr A Wheals                        

Open Spaces, Community

Speed Watch)


47 Bobbin Lane, Westwood, BA15 2DL

(Tel. 01225 865676)

Clerk to the Council.

Roger Coleman                   

2, The Laurels,                    


BA15 2AX    


Telephone:    01225 862770

e-mail:            Roger.P.Coleman@btinternet.com


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