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Westwood Flower and Vegetable Show

Whilst it is still too early to be able to confirm that the show will take place, the vaccination programme and the warmer weather are starting to bring a glimmer of hope for the summer.

Now is the time to start thinking about sowing those seeds and starting on craft projects.

The schedule will include the usual categories plus, in the photography section  ‘Lockdown Images’ and in the craft ‘Something I made during Lockdown’.

We will of course keep you updated but please put Monday 30th August in your diary.

Good luck and fingers crossed/

Wendy Packer

Flowershow Committee Secretary

Article published: 24 Feb 2021

Westwood Flower and Vegetable Show 2020 Update

Sadly, the Flowershow Committee have agreed that this years show will not take place.  The continuing uncertainty regarding the return to normal has made planning the show very difficult.  We have recently heard that The City of Bath Band, along with all Bands have been advised not to play together this summer.  Operating a social distancing system in the tea room for those attending over such a limited time slot would prove challenging.

This decision is very disappointing for the show committee members as we know that this is an event that is enjoyed by many.

All being well the show will be back next year so do keep working on your craft projects and photography.  Try capturing images of life during the lookdown for a photography category.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year and welcome any ideas to enhance the show.

Wendy Packer


Article published: 23 Jun 2020

Westwood Annual Flower and Vegetable Show 2020

 The Westwood Show Schedule is normally printed in April for distribution in May. It is quite possible that large gatherings will still be advised against in August. The Committee has agreed to suspend all progress on show organisation for the time being. If things in the UK improve radically, we can quickly gear up to produce the schedule and distribute - and re-invigorate show preparation. With the village in lockdown for some time, there are things in the show schedule which may inspire people such as gardening and crafting. The Show Committee’s mission is to inspire people to get involved every year - and it is perhaps far more important now whilst we all try to fill our time in our very restricted bubble. We live in hope of a sunnier outcome and will be prepared for it if it materialises - but if, as seems more likely than not at the moment, we have to cancel the Show, we can assure everyone that we will keep the same categories for next year so that their efforts can be displayed for all to see. We might even introduce an additional class for the best item made whilst in lockdown or isolation. And for the gardeners out there, you know that none of this year’s produce will go to waste.

Article published: 02 May 2020


Sunday April 5th 2020


One of the Natural Wonders of the World

on your doorstep!

Join Rowena Quantrill from Wiltshire Ornithological Society 

for an early morning walk in Westwood, to experience the

amazing symphony of our song birds as they wake up!

Learn how to tell the Blackbird from the Song Thrush

 We should hear 20 or more different species including some of the woodland birds in Westwoods County Wildlife Site, Becky Addy Woods and Meadow

We will hear birds BIG AND SMALL such as the tiny Wren with a VERY BIGVOICE

and perhaps the soft hooting of a ghostly Owl as it goes to bed.

 Meet just before 6.00 am in Westwood Park

to see the dawn break and hear the very first Robin start the concert. 

This is the 4th Annual Westwood Dawn Walk - Dont miss it!  

Britains songbirds are declining fast - bring children and grand-children to hear

the magical dawn chorus of birdsong in the parish of Westwood

 Boost your own wellbeing and inspire the next generation!


FFI and to book a place:


or call 07514 966797 

 Free event - donations to Wiltshire Ornithological Society

Please ensure that you are dressed appropriately for outdoor weather and terrain.

All children under 16 and vulnerable adults must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Sorry no dogs as it is the birdsnesting season.

Article published: 13 Mar 2020

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