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Safari Supper 2018

On Saturday 2nd June  this year, kicking off with starters at 7pm. If you would like to join in this fun event, please return completed form to Jane Mitchell (867322) at 32 Bobbin Lane  WITH PAYMENT by SATURDAY 19th MAY  . I will make every effort to give hosts your 1st preference of courses, but not everyone can do starters!!  Please be prepared to be flexible.  See Westwood web-site under ‘Events’ for more info.





Would you like to come as a GUEST?                          (If yes, please enclose £25 per person)

Would you like to host a course?                                 (If yes, please enclose £10 per couple)

Please put your order of preference of course you would like to cook (1st ,2nd  and 3rd)

Starter                                  Main                                 Dessert

Dietary or other special requirements


Article published: 26 Mar 2018

Safari Supper - for the uninitiated!

This is a charity event, started many years ago, to raise money for the church.

The basic idea is that people meet at tables of 8 for starters, move to another house for the main course, and again for sweet .Each time, travelling in pairs, you will meet a different set of people, until we all come together at the end for coffee. Most people will need to cook a course for it to work (25% starters, 25% mains,25% sweet), and then about 25% can come purely as guests. Drinks are provided by your host. The event is open to residents of Westwood, Avoncliff and Iford.   The cost is £10 per couple, if you cook, and £50 as guests.

It is a great opportunity to eat good food, drink too much, stagger around the village and meet new people.  If  you come without a partner, I will pair you up as appropriately as possible for the evening.                

Clearly this takes a good bit of organization, so you do have to sign up well in advance. Watch Update for details.

 This year it will be on Saturday 2nd June.    Jane Mitchell    jemitchell@talktalk.net       867322

Article published: 24 Jan 2018

Calling Young Musicians

Could you play a simple Carol - would you be interested in joining us for a Carol Service at 6.00pm on Sunday December 17th?

Last year we had three young musicians play along during the Carol Service and it was a wonderful addition to the service. If you could play a simple Carol then we would love to hear from you - the more the merrier.

If you would like a go - and pianist would be welcome on the organ - please contact Annie (07834 636 874) and we can see what we can do to raise the church roof?

Article published: 20 Nov 2017

Safari Supper  - goodbye to Caroline

After many years  (possibly 20!) of organising the Safari Supper for the village, Caroline Philpott has expressed the wish to retire from the role.   I’m sure that anyone who has attended this very successful, fun event would like to join me in giving hearty thanks for all her good work, that has often meant begging people to cook a main course or re-arranging a whole tableful of people on the morning of the supper, because a host has fallen ill.  THANK-YOU,CAROLINE!!

I have yet to find out exactly what I am letting myself in for, but I have, rather casually, offered to take it on. I can’t promise to do it for the next 20 years, but here goes.

It would be really helpful for me to have the email addresses of those of you who are interested in taking part (including those of you who already do take part), so that I can send you a booking form and/or reminders directly. So please let me have those now.

Put  the first Saturday of June in your diaries and watch the next Update for further details.

My contact details -  Jane Mitchell   jemitchell@talktalk.net   867322

Article published: 20 Nov 2017

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