Westwood School Update Feb/Mar 2020

A very Happy New Year from us all at Westwood School. We were delighted to see so many of you at our Christmas Fair and now we are back for another exciting term.
   Although this is a short term we have so much to look forward to. You can keep up to date with all that is happening at your local school on our website: westwoodwithiford.org or via our class blogs at westwoodblogs.net  This term we are continuing to develop our wonderful reading culture and we are always looking for volunteers to come in and listen to our children read. If you have some regular time available, we would love to see you - the children always enjoy sharing their books with adults and it supports them tremendously in their reading development.
   Westwood Radio continues to grow, with two live shows a week on Monday at 8.30am and Friday at 12.30pm. Last month we had over 12,000 listeners and you can tune in at radio.westwoodwithiford.org.  If you would like to advertise on our station, please get in touch as we have some slots available on our schedule. 
Ian Rockey

Article published: 25 Jan 2020

News from Friends of Westwood School.

We are delighted to announce that our annual Christmas Fair will take place on Saturday the 7th December from 2pm to 4:30pm.

 This year we have teamed up with Fine Pines, a local Christmas Tree provider, who will donate £5 to the school for each tree purchased quoting "Westwood with Iford School"


There will be a small selection of trees available at the Fair, as well as order forms should you wish to purchase at a later date.

 We look forward to seeing you there.

Article published: 23 Nov 2019

Westwood School

 A few busy and exciting weeks have passed at Westwood with Iford School and our run up to Christmas is almost underway. Please join us for our Christmas Fair on Saturday 7th December at school. There will be plenty of festive Christmas cheer!

Westwood Radio continues to grow, with over 12,000 listeners last month. Tune in at radio.westwoodwithiford.org.  If you would like to advertise on our station, please get in touch as we do have some slots available in our schedule.

Our exciting Westwood Oral History Project is still active and we are  looking for people who would like to share their memories. We have already interviewed a number of community members and learnt so much from them about Westwood in the past. We are always looking for volunteers to come in and read with children, too, so if you have some time to spare, please get in touch with the school.

Finally,  if you would like your child to join us at Westwood in September 2020, please don’t forget that the deadline for primary school applications is 15th January 2020!

From us all at Westwood School, have a Merry Christmas!

Ian Rockey

Article published: 23 Nov 2019

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Safari Supper 2020

This is a fun event set up over 20yrs ago to raise money for the church. More info at www.westwoodparish.co.uk  under ‘Events’

Please help make this year’s Supper a great success, by joining  us and meeting old friends and new from the village.On Saturday 13th June, we kick off with starters at 7pm.  It is open to residents of Westwood, Avoncliff, Iford and Staples Hill.

Please return completed form (in the April/May edition of Westwood Update) to Jane Mitchell (867322) at 32 Bobbin Lane  WITH PAYMENT by 31st  MAY . I will make every effort to give hosts their 1st preference of courses, but not everyone can do starters!!  Please be prepared to be flexible.  

Article published: 02 Feb 2020

The Return of  BALSAM BE GONE! Report 2019

The Balsam Be Gone working party had two successful Sunday morning sessions clearing the banks of the rivers Frome and Avon between The Inn at Freshford and Cross Guns at Avoncliff.  The Woodland Trust's 'Broadleaf' brought in people from Trowbridge, Bristol and Malmsbury to support the Westwood volunteers. One of their members came from Freshford on the first session, but sadly we had no one else from Freshford or Limpley Stoke this year. 

We hope that local people will take a look at the problem the Himalayan Balsam is having on their river banks.  It's fun to work together for a couple of hours on a bio-diversity project so close to home!

We wish to thank Mr Godwin and The Woodland Trust for allowing us access to the river banks from their fields. We also wish to thank Flisca for their grant, enabling us to advertise the project for the second year of our community project and BoA council for the loan of equipment. Thanks are also due to the No 10 Cafe at Avoncliff for their refreshments for the volunteers on both days. It was so welcome and their locally roasted coffee is brilliant! Also, many thanks for the willing volunteers that worked so hard at each session.

Watch out for the return of BBG at the end of June 2020.     Sue Field and Kay Crawford

Article published: 29 Jul 2019

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