Westwood Ringers

Who are we? Anne, Sue, Diana, Gill, Mike B., Mike T., Rachel; Bob, Chris, James and George. Some of us, and some other ringers, are in the photo below.

What do we do? Ring the bells for services at the church. We also practice on the first and third Thursdays of the month (and the 5th Thursday by arrangement) and ring for weddings and other occasions.

What do we need? MORE RINGERS! Currently we only ring for Evensong on the third Sunday, and of all the ringers above only ONE comes from Westwood. The other ringers visit from other towers because they like the bells so much.
More ringers from the village would mean the bells could be rung for more Sunday services because most of the ringers have an obligation to ring at their own towers on Sunday mornings.

Come and join us You don’t need to be huge and strong, or a regular churchgoer to be a ringer. Enthusiasm, a reasonable sense of rhythm and a willingness to learn are all important.
If you can ring, or would like to learn please come along to a practice or contact Sue. via the website Contact form

What do we get out of it? physical and mental exercise; lifelong learning experience; team activity; maintaining a traditional skill; service to the church; visits to amazing places; lots of friends.

What’s up the tower? Six bells cast by the Whitechapel Bellfoundry in 1979 from four old bells. The heaviest bell (the tenor) weighs just over 4 cwt [234kg], which is quite light as bells go.

Do you ring only at Westwood? No, we ring at lots of other towers too. It’s part of the fun of ringing; we meet other ringers and it helps improve our skills. Other towers we regularly ring at include Bradford Christ Church and Holy Trinity, Farleigh Hungerford, Hilperton, Marston Bigot, Melksham, Rode and Trowbridge.

Ringing Times Practices:1st and 3rd Thursdays, 7.30 to 9.00pm and 5th Thursday by arrangement Sunday Service ringing 3rd Sundays, 5.15-6.00pm Other ringing by arrangement For more information see www.sdgr.org.uk for ringing in the Diocese of Salisbury; www.bath-wells.org.uk for ringing in Somerset and www.cccbr.org.uk for ringing around the world. This website also has a Contact form STOP PRESS a peal board with the details of the first peal on the new bells and a peal commemorating the 25th anniversary of their installation was dedicated on Easter Day 2009, and now hangs in the west porch above the notice board.


Notice: there will be no practice on the 3rd Thursday in August

Article published: 29 Jul 2009
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