Westwood Flower and Vegetable Show


August Bank Holiday saw a very successful Flower and Vegetable Show. The last two years being blighted by heavy rain, it was fortunate that the early morning showers gave way to a dry afternoon. Consequently we had 405 people through the gates compared with only 244 last year in horrendous weather. Early indications from our treasurer are that the show will return a modest profit offsetting last year’s loss thus guaranteeing the future. Show entries were steady and of remarkable quality according to our judges. It was lovely to see quite a number of new names amongst the entrants and some from people relatively new to the village. Once again Mike Dilger came along with his family and presented the prizes endearing himself to one and all with his skilful and witty presentation. Every year so many people contribute to making the show a success too many to mention but you know who you are! The Committee is very grateful for your continuing support However, it is fitting to single out one group this year. Our flower arrangers who put together the Festival of Flowers in the Church put in hours of work to produce a beautiful installation and this year the installation was dedicated to Terry Biles who sadly passed away last year. Terry was a stalwart of the Show Committee from deep in its origins and the tribute in flowers was worthy of his memory.


This year the Marquee was put to good use on the Saturday evening for an Old Time Music Hall event which was widely acclaimed by all to jolly good fun along with a great barbecue. It’s presumed that the organising committee of that event will report separately, but the Show Committee would like to thank all involved and for the contribution the event made to Show overheads.


Planning for next year’s Flower and Vegetable show is already under way and as always the Committee would welcome new volunteers who can give of their time, in any way to assist in show planning, preparation or delivery.  Please email johnastreeter@icloud.com (Chairman) or wendypacker54@gmail.com (Secretary) if to you are interested in discussing ways you can get involved.


The Westwood Flower and Vegetable Show Committee




David Lewis Cup most points in Fruit and Vegetables:                                SALLY STREETER


Neville Day Cup best exhibit in Fruit and Vegetables:                                 SAM SAY


Downside Cup flowers best exhibit:                                                             HARRY JOHNSTON


John Philpott Trophy best exhibit in cookery:                                               FIONA SULTANA


Richard Phillips Cup best exhibit in craft:                                                     MARY & DAVID NEEDHAM


Ken Miller Cup best exhibit in home brew:                                                    KATE WINDO


Childrens’ Best Exhibit:                                                                                    WILLIAM LEEDER


Childrens’ winner with most points:                                                                  LILY HARVEY


Westwood Parish Council Cup for most points over all:                                  HENRY WILDY




Pre-school:                         ELEANOR WEBB and ELEANOR PITTMAN.


Infants:-                               RUFUS LAWRIE


Juniors:-                              LILY HARVEY


Flower Arranging:-             SHEILA BILES


Home brew:-                     KATE WINDO


Photography:-                   NEVILLE DAY


Craft:-                                MARY & DAVID NEEDHAM


Cookery:-                          JOHN STREETER


Flowers:-                           SHEILA PATTRICK


W.I.token for Best Geranium:-  SHEILA PATTRICK


The Westwood Flower & Vegetable Show Committee.

Article published: 14 Sep 2015

Westwood Flower Show 2015


The following is the schedule of classes for next flower show, giving everyone plenty of time to decide what to plant in time for the show.   The official schedule will be delivered round the village in May enclosing the entry form we hope to see a record number of entries this year and give us the best show yet.   


FRUIT & VETABLES                                     FLOWERS


1.  Apples dessert 4                                37. A collection of garden flowers

2.  Apples culinary 4                               38. 5 stems of ornamental grass -                                                   

3.  Plums 3                                                     1 or more variety

4.  Pears 4                                                   39. Gladiolus 3 stems

5.  Rhubarb 3 sticks                                     40. Rose 1 specimen bloom any variety

6.  Any other fruit collection in a dish            41. A collection of roses any variety

7.  A pumpkin, squash or gourd                      42. A bunch of sweet peas                    

8.  Marrow one pair under 15”                      43. Stems of Perennials 

9.  Potatoes white 4                                      44. Dahlias single variety 3 stems

10. Potatoes coloured 4                            45. Dahlias mixed varieties 3 stems

11. Onions large 3                                    46. Floating flowers

12.  Onions small 3 under 8oz                47. Geranium cutting (WI members only)

13. Runner beans 4                                      48. Tub-large pot 12” max any variety

14. French beans 5                                      49. Fuchsia any variety in pot* 

15. Shallots 6                                               50. Flowering pot plant any variety*

16. Carrots short 3 (trimmed to 3”)               51. A flowering begonia in vase or pot*

17. Carrots long 3 (trimmed to 3”)                52. Geranium in a pot*

19. Cucumber

20. Lettuce                                                   *all pots not to exceed 8”” dia in classes 49 - 52

21. Tomatoes 4

22. Cherry tomatoes 6

23. Herbs bunch of at least 4 varieties

      tied and labelled.

24. Courgettes 3

25. A collection of chillies

26. Any other vegetable not listed above.

27 Challenge Class collection of 4

     different vegetables. No more than 3

     of each.  Table space allowed 3’ x 3’

     backboard permitted.




28. The heaviest potato

29. The longest bean

30. The largest Marrow

31. The largest carrot

32. The heaviest onion

33. The largest pumpkin

34. A string of onions

35. A string of garlic

36. Compost as dug, approx. 1/2 a bucket


Article published: 11 Jan 2015

Flower and Vegetable Show

After a rather damp start the show was underway, and although numbers were down this year, there's a big THANK YOU to the stalwarts who came along to support the biggest village show of the year despite the rain getting heavier during the show.

Our celebrity, Mike Dilger, was warmly welcomed and did a grand job of giving out the prizes. The committee wish to thank all who helped to put on the show - we couldn't do it without you. The following are the prize winners:-














Home brewing




Flower arranging: SHEILA BILES                   W.I.token for Best Geranium: FAY KJRK


David Lewis Cup for most points in Fruit & Veg: ELIZABETH WILLIAMS

Challenge Class:                       VIVIAN HANCOCK

Neville Day Cup for Best Exhibit in Fruit & Veg: ELIZABETH WILLIAMS

Downside Cup for Flowers Best Exhibit:          JEANNIE JOHNSTON

John Philpott Trophy for Cookery Best Exhibit:     CHRIS. BROWN

Richard Phillips Cup for Craft Best Exhibit:        MARGARET MORRIS

Ken Miller Cup for best Home Brew Exhibit:      JEAN WARNER

Childrens' Best Exhibit:                                         JESSICA LEWIS

Childrens' Winner with most points:                      NATASHA BATTEN

Westwood Parish Council cup for Most Points Overall:   ELIZABETH WILLIAMS

Article published: 01 Oct 2014

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