Community Speed Watch (CSW)

The CSW team checked vehicle speeds along the Lower Westwood Road in June. Rain interrupted many sessions so less than 1,000 vehicles were monitored. The data were typical in that speeding vehicles (25mph or more) comprised approximately 10% of the total; this includes 2% that were speeding at 30mph or more. The team are still keen to recruit new CSW members. You would be trained by the police during an evening or Saturday session at police HQ in Devizes. If you are interested you can contact me, without any obligation, at

Article published: 07 Aug 2016

Community Speed Watch Support Your Team


The Westwood Community Speed Watch (CSW) team helps monitor vehicle speeds along Lower Westwood. It also reports speeding vehicles to the police. The CSW team has lost some members of the team as a result of people moving away from the village. If you can spare a little time every now and then, and want to help maintain road safety within Westwood, why not join the team? You will just need to undergo basic training from the Wiltshire Police by spending a couple of hours at Devizes HQ one evening. This is a fun and informative session where the police give you a brief talk on CSW and how to use the speed device. You will also be taken on a fascinating tour around the police vehicle bays. 


We share the speed device with other CSW teams from nearby villages and only operate for a few days every 2 months. Each period is planned in advance, and you choose the days/times that suit you. With 2 or 3 people on site each time, we operate the speed device, record vehicle information and do a total vehicle count (using a clicker). You can join an experienced CSW Team and offer as much or as little time as suits you!


If you want to join or simply want to know more, contact me without any obligation via email or the Parish Council.


Alan Wheals (; CSW Team Leader

Article published: 27 Jan 2016

 Community Speed Watch

 The team planned to monitor vehicle speeds on 17 occasions during the last CSW. However, wet weather caused cancellation of some sessions and the school holidays also reduced overall vehicle activity. A total of 1152 vehicles were counted of which 10% were recorded as speeding at 25mph or more. This is a higher fraction than usual but we have noticed similar increases before when traffic density was lower than usual.

Dr Allan Parker, one of the longest serving members of the CSW team (and former Chair of the PC), will be moving away from the village. This reduces the size of the small CSW team. We are very keen to recruit (and train) new members of the team. If you are interested in becoming a member or just want to know more about what is involved in CSW, please contact me (without any obligation).

Cllr Alan Wheals (, CSW Team Leader


Article published: 17 Nov 2015

Community Speed Watch


The CSW team continues regularly to monitor speeds along the Lower Westwood Road and report speeders to the police. The team have been in place since the inception of CSW in February 2014. With the passing of time some team members have left so we are keen to recruit new members. If you are supportive of the aims of CSW then please consider joining us. For further information, informal contact can be made at <>.


Alan Wheals (CSW Team Leader)

Article published: 22 Sep 2015

Community Speed Watch (CSW)


The Government and the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC previously called ACPO) have recently made a change in policy and agreed that 20mph limits and zones can now be enforced by way of fixed penalty notices. The fine will be 3 penalty points on your license and a £100 fine. This brings the 20mph limit and zone in Westwood village in line with the rules that already operate in 30mph limits and zones. The NPCC threshold for enforcement remains the same as all other speed limits - 10% plus 2 mph. For 20mph the limit of the fixed penalty is 25mph and over and a summons is 35 mph and over.


These changes are only enforceable by the police so there is no effect whatsoever on how the local CSW team will operate. The purpose of CSW is educational; to remind drivers not to speed within the village. The registered owner of any vehicle reported by the CSW team driving at 25 mph or more will receive a letter and any vehicle reported by the CSW team traveling at 30mph and above will get a visit from the Neighbourhood Police Team (NPT).


Cllr Alan Wheals (CSW Team Leader)

Article published: 18 Jul 2015

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